Twins born with different skin tones

Twins born with different skin tones

10-month-old twins Anaya and Myla were born with different skin tones, a one in a million occurrence

U.K.-based mum Hannah Yarker, 20, and partner Kyle, 24, have been the subject of growing fascination since their fraternal twin daughters were born.

10-month-old twins Anaya and Myla were born with different skin tones, something which is highly unlikely even for twins born of interracial parents.

“Kyle is mixed-race and I’m white, so from the word go, our friends joked: ‘What would you do if one came out dark and the other was fair,'” Hannah Yarker told the

Despite this, Hannah told Metro that it still came as a surprise.

Fraternal twins are usually unidentical, as they inherit genes from different eggs. But since Anaya and Myla’s dad Kyle is mixed race, he carries the genes for both dark and light skin.

In utero, the two developed in separate amniotic sacs after two separate eggs were fertilized by two separate sperm.

When they were born, Anaya weighed 5lbs 9oz and Myla tipped the scales at 6lbs 5oz. They both had similar purple-toned skin which led Hannah to assume that both would take after their dad, Kyle.

twins born with different skin tones


But at about two weeks old, Hannah notes that it became clear that Anaya would take after her while Myla would look more like Kyle.

“Myla takes after her dad with dark skin, brown eyes and brunette locks,” shared Hannah. “Anaya is more of a mummy’s girl with a pale complexion, fair hair and light eyes.”

The two turns heads wherever they go. “I can’t walk down the aisle at the supermarket without getting stopped,” marvelled Hannah.

twins born with different skin tones

It’s gotten to the point where some people don’t believe they’re related.

But their differences don’t end with their skin tone. Their personalities could not even be further from each other. Anaya is more chill, while Myla is more energetic.

twins born with different skin tones

photo: SWNS

Hannah shared with Metro that while Myla likes to crawl, Anaya is more laidback.

The adorable twins will turn a year old in April 2016.

Kyle and Hannah, still in disbelief, told their family and friends, “We’ve got one of each.”

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