2-year-old Singapore girl allegedly murdered by her dad on Father's Day

2-year-old Singapore girl allegedly murdered by her dad on Father's Day

In a shocking case of child murder in Singapore, a father has been charged with killing his 2-year-old daughter on Father's Day...

A Singapore dad has allegedly murdered his own child on Father's Day, in a case that's shocking beyond words.

The 2-year-old girl was found motionless in the 4-room Sengkang flat on 16 June 2019. Her 35-year-old father was charged with her murder on 18 June.

Shocking case of child murder in Singapore 

The terrible incident happened on a 11th-floor unit at Block 163B Rivervale Crescent.

The father in question, Johnboy John Teo, is accused of killing his 2-year-old daughter, Ashley Clare Teo, in their home on Father's Day, between 7.40pm and 11.05pm.

It has been reported that after suffocating the toddler in the master bedroom, Teo cut his neck with a knife, and lost consciousness.

Police were alerted to the incident at 10.24pm, and both father and child were taken to Sengkang General Hospital. The toddler was as pronounced dead on Monday (17 June), at 12.28am.

According to Chinese news media reports, Teo and his wife had got divorced in March 2019. The little girl was in the custody of her mother.

The mother had apparently moved out of their marital home with their daughter about a month ago. She has told Shin Min Daily News that she last saw the little girl on Saturday (15 June) afternoon. Teo had visitation rights to Ashley on Sunday.

Teo was supposed to take Ashley back to her mother on Sunday evening, but when he didn't turn up, the mother and her family called the police.

The case has been adjourned until 9 July 2019. If found guilty of murder, Teo will face the death penalty.

Meanwhile, neighbours have described the father and mother as a regular, friendly couple. There were no signs of distress.

Ironically, in November 2016, Teo had posted a picture of his newborn. One of his friends had commented asking him to take good care of his little one.

He had then replied, "I definitely will."

We don't know what exactly happened on that day. But this little child did not deserve to die.

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(Source: CNA, The Straits Times)

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