Court Declares Father Murdered Son

Court Declares Father Murdered Son

The court has recently declared a verdict of murder and suicide on the deaths of Faheem Mohamed Farook and Mohamed Farook Ali Akbar.

Just recently, a father was reported to have set fire to his flat resulting in the demise of his two children. After doing this, he jumped to his death from the 12th floor of his block. It was known that the man has resorted to these acts because of his problems.

While the fire incident is still fresh in our minds, the court has recently declared a verdict of murder and suicide on another case that happened early this year. Mohamed Farook Ali Akbar, 35, an Indian national, was found dead along with his son Faheem Mohamed Farook, 7, at the foot of Block 287 Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 on April 24. The desperate father has resorted to death as he was experiencing some problems.

In the letters that Farook left for his family, he stated that he was very ill. While his son Fareem was suffering delay development and has been causing a lot of trouble in school. The decision to end his and his son's life could have stemmed from all these problems.

It's shocking how easy it is for people to just end their lives as well as their children's lives because of problems. Is there a situation so difficult to overcome that death is the only answer? How could he have included his son in his decision to die? Did his wife sense that he was planning to do this? What can we do for people who are on the brink of committing suicide?

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Karen Mira

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