Child Gets Bullied By Dad Of 2 At Indoor Playground In Singapore

Child Gets Bullied By Dad Of 2 At Indoor Playground In Singapore

A child gets bullied by a dad of 2 at an indoor playground in Singapore? A mum recently posted a video of a man kicking and pushing her 5-year-old son...

A Singapore mum recently posted a video of a man kicking and pushing her 5-year-old son at an indoor playground in Yishun.

She later lodged a police report. 

Child gets bullied by dad of 2?

In a Facebook post (that she has now taken off) in April 2018, mummy Ow May Chen wrote, "This afternoon I brought Wen and Dex to Northpoint playground. Dexter is only 5 years old, but this overprotective dad of two physically assaulted Dexter."

"From the video, the dad kicked, pushed and rough handled a 5-year-old boy. Is this how a parent should treat other children?"

"I am only less than 2 min away from Dex, and when I confronted him, he denied touching Dex, nor did I have any evidence."

The mum however, later obtained CCTV footage from Sunshine Childhood Playland at NorthPoint City. Here is the video of what had happened...

Police investigating after video goes viral

In the video, the man is seen with a woman, and 2 young children. The boy is seen moving towards the man.

He is seen getting pushed and kicked by the man. The man also throws a toy shovel at a nearby slide.

The boy is then seen hitting the man multiple times.

Towards the end of the video, the boy's mother appears and takes him away. 

Meanwhile, according to Channel NewsAsia, police have confirmed that a report was made on Tuesday (Apr 10). They are now investigating the incident.

Reactions from netizens have been mixed. Many blamed the father for acting like a bully and hurting another's child. Some also sided with the man saying that every parent would try to protect their own children. And that, the man was being unnecessarily provoked by the boy.

Many also opined that the boy shouldn't have been left unsupervised in the playground in the first place.

The mum later took down the post and video. In an update on Facebook, she wrote, "We lodged a police report.We took some responsibility from 90 sec lapse of supervision."

"We are just so shocked and sad after watching CCTV footage."

"We will remove the cctv footage as it is causing unnecessary inconvenience to the playground owner. The owner provided us the footage to assist us in making Police report. They are not involved in this incident."

"Thank you all for the concern..."

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(Source: Channel NewsAsia)

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