Little boy beaten by stranger in Singapore for no apparent reason

Little boy beaten by stranger in Singapore for no apparent reason

Little boy beaten by stranger in Singapore, "My youngest 5 year old Javion was attacked by a man for no apparent reason..."

We just came across something really shocking. It is about a 5-year-old boy beaten by stranger in Singapore, for no real reason.

The boy's mum, understandably furious, posted about the incident on Facebook yesterday.

Boy beaten by stranger in Singapore

Singapore mum Vivien Chan writes, "Despite reading a few cases of such incidents in the media, I had never thought such an absurd thing would happen to my kid and my family."

"My youngest 5 year old Javion was attacked by a man for no apparent reason."

The incident had happened at a mini-mart, "Sound familiar is it? Javion was slapped and kicked by a stranger at Blk 182A Rivervale Cresent while browsing in a mini-mart with my maid probably before 9am."

Thankfully, the maid protected the boy from further assault, "After the assault on his right face and the back ( I would say his entire head as he was so small compared his peer for his age), thankfully my maid was able to prevent any more attack from this lunatic f***** and she also challenged him why he wanted to hit the kid."

boy beaten by stranger in Singapore

She also informed the child's parents as soon as she got home, "My maid returned to home and shouted for her Sir (my husband) to go down to find the attacker."

Police informed

Vivien and her husband rushed down to find the culprit, but he was not to be seen, "My hubby and I didn't manage to get hold of the culprit after we rushed down with the maid to the vicinity. Witnesses around the mini-mart and coffee shop at the same block pointed out that he had escaped to the same building."

The parents also got to know that the man was a regular at the coffee shop. They soon informed the police, who are currently investigating the incident. 

Meanwhile, CCTV footage of the incident has confirmed that the incident did take place. Vivien has also uploaded the videos in her Facebook post.

boy beaten by stranger in Singapore

The little boy is seen on a scooter and gets kicked by the man inside the minimart. The boy looks scared and decides to wait with the maid outside the shop.

The man is seen leaving the shop, only to return and slap the boy. He looks angry and is seen saying something before leaving again.

Here is Vivien's Facebook post together with the videos:

We feel sorry for this poor little boy. Hope justice prevails and appropriate action gets taken.

Recently, a similar incident happened at Yishun, when a man kicked a boy from behind for no reason. The poor boy was left lying flat on the ground, and in obvious pain. 

It took a brave Singapore mum then, to catch hold of the fleeing culprit and hand him over to the authorities.

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