Try this Chicken quesadillas recipe for your next family fiesta!

Try this Chicken quesadillas recipe for your next family fiesta!

Who has got the time to slave over a hot stove? With our busy schedules, cooking a tasty and healthy meal is out of the picture. Or is it? Here's a great alternative that's nutritious, delicious, quick and easy to make.

Interesting fun cheese sandwich ideas for kids - Cheesy chicken quesadillas
An interesting kind of sandwich -- Mexican quesadillas!

Another great hit with the entire family.  They are easy to make, healthy for the kids and they absolutely love to "help" grate the cheese.  As for the older ones, with careful supervision from an adult, they love to add in the ingredients and sprinkle the cheese over them.

Chicken Quesadillas (Serves 4)

What you need:

4 Large flour tortillas

Two cups grated cheese – either mild or sharp cheddar

Olive oil

Sliced mushrooms

Green onions

Black olives (slice)

Fresh tomatoes (dice)

Chicken pieces

Sour cream

Salsa dip

What to do:

Heat a large frying pan to medium high heat. Add a small amount of olive oil and spread it around the bottom of the pan with a spatula.

Take a handful of grated cheese, sprinkle over the top of the tortilla, making sure that the cheese does not land on the pan itself. Add whatever additional ingredients you choose – green onion, sliced mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, etc.

Reduce heat to low. Flip tortilla after 45 seconds. The tortilla should by now be browned slightly. If it is not browned, turn the heat up to high and flip the quesadilla over every 10 seconds or so until it gets browned.

Remove from pan when sufficiently brown and cut into wedges.

Serve with salsa and sour cream.

Other easy to cook menus:

1. Steamed Herbal Chicken

2. Corn Soup

3. Chicken Soup with Marconi or rice

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