Celebrating Beautiful Mums In Singapore With Mini Baby Fair And Mum Pageant

Celebrating Beautiful Mums In Singapore With Mini Baby Fair And Mum Pageant

Find out who gets crowned as Mrs Beautiful Bump 2019!

Mums, how would you describe motherhood? While some may say that it’s challenging, many would agree that it is the most fulfilling, too. However, there is simply no manual or guide to follow, only a constant journey of learning to becoming better day after day.

The idea of having a child can be daunting let alone raising one, especially for first time mums. Still, even though the journey of motherhood presents challenges that could leave some mums feeling overwhelmed, it is no doubt exciting, anticipating the arrival of the little one!

Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019 In Singapore: Special Event For Expecting Mums

Expecting mothers and their families came together at Vision Exchange for a day of quality family bonding, informative parenting and health talks at the Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019 event held on 28 October 2019.  They also received goodies to take home.

Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019

A full-day event held at Vision Exchange at Qiren Organisation. (Photo: theAsianparent)

The event featured a mini baby fair featuring brands like Offspring and Pigeon Singapore amongst many others. A mum-pageant also took place, where finalists took stage to fight for the title of ‘Mrs Beautiful Bump’.

It was the first time the event was held in Singapore, by Maternity & Baby Wellness Centre, Mums & Babies (“BMB”). It was especially organised for expecting mums, and as part of the brand’s 10th Anniversary.

It is also in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month that took place in October, to extend their support. Simply, women empowerment at its best. 

Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019

7 out of the 9 finalists were present during the event day to celebrate Motherhood and fight for the title of Mrs Beautiful Bump 2019. (Photo: theAsianparent)

The Lead Up To Mrs Beautiful Bump Pageant

Prior to Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019, expecting mothers from all walks of life sent in their submissions for the inaugural mum pageant. 

Amongst them emerged the 9 finalists: Tiffany Suputra, Eunice Tan, Angeline Ng, Grace Yet​, Goh Shi Qi, Jauz Chen​, Nadia Ko, Ariel Wong and Yamini Muthukrishnan. 

They were then invited to participate in a series of complimentary workshops conducted by Fun Fit Birth Singapore, one of BMB’s event sponsors. 

The finalists then had to go through two stages in the pageant before the judges determined who would be crowned the first ever Mrs Beautiful Bump 2019. 

Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019

Introducing the Ms Beautiful Bump 2019 finalists on stage.

While on stage, the mums participated in Trivia where they had to provide an answer within 30 seconds to the question: “Motherhood is the greatest gift. Why”? 

The next round involved finalists playing a floorcurling game—a sport that promotes family bonding—with their family members in teams of threes.

Celebrating Beautiful Mums In Singapore With Mini Baby Fair And Mum Pageant

It’s always better, together! Featuring Ms. Jauz Chen. (Photo: Beauty Mums & Babies)

Mrs Beautiful Bump: The Big Reveal

Emcee, Ms Racheal Olivero​, revealed the top 3 finalists for Mrs Beautiful Bump 2019: Jauz Chen, Nadia Ko, and Goh Shi Qi.

Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019

The top 3 Finalists in view (from L to R): Jauz Chen, Nadia Ko, and Goh Shi Qi. (Photo: Beauty Mums & Babies)

The moment of truth, when Ms. Jauz Chen was crowned as the official Mrs Beautiful Bump. Mummy Jauz, was a single unwed mum with a pair of teenage twins then, until she met her husband 5 years ago and is now expecting #3! Congrats!

Our heartiest congratulations to the following finalists as well:

  • 1st Runner up – Nadia Ko
  • 2nd Runner up – Goh Shi Qi
  • Mrs Elegant 2019 – Tiffany Suputra 
  • Mrs Influential 2019 – Eunice Tan
  • Mrs Confidence 2019 – Angeline Ng
  • Mrs Photogenic 2019 – Grace Yet

Other Highlights For Families During Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019

Parenting and Health Talks

Child & Baby Sleep Expert ​Ms Zoe Chu​ from SG Supernanny and Nurse Health Educator ​Ms Mazia Madon​ who has been with BMB for many years, were one of the guests present that graced Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019.

Celebrating Beautiful Mums In Singapore With Mini Baby Fair And Mum Pageant

Featured here is Child & Baby Sleep Expert, Ms Zoe Chu​ who is also known as SG Supernanny! She provides tips for parents on how to help babies sleep better and faster. (Photo: theAsianparent)

Chu shared her secrets to getting babies to sleep well through the night with her 5-step sleep system. As shared by the author and speaker:

  • Understanding the Science of sleep

It boils down to understanding what keeps babies up at night. According to Chu, it is important for babies to try and fall asleep on their own so that they can get back into resettling themselves.

Some parents would use hammocks or Yao lan, in hopes to settle their baby, but Chu says to avoid such ways if possible.

  • Sleep environment

The sleep expert asserts that babies should always sleep in their own cot. The key is consistency as it could confuse babies themselves.

  • Establish a schedule or routine

The little ones thrive on structure and routines more than we think. Help develop good sleeping habits by establishing a routine that is age appropriate for them. 

  • Formulate a sleep plan

Early bed times is always recommended, so take it from the sleep expert!

  • Self-settling techniques

Chu shared that it would be good to avoid sleep props when trying to induce babies to sleep. They include pacifiers, rocking them to sleep and even bouncing. 

Connecting with Fellow Parents and Brands

Various booths were set up selling mum and baby products such as baby carriers by 13Thirteen to baby care essentials by Offspring.

There was also a booth by Inspire Mum and Baby that offered prenatal and postnatal courses for mums, babies & kids wellness as well as swimming classes & Watsu (aqua therapy) for babies, children, pregnancy and women.

Celebrating Beautiful Mums In Singapore With Mini Baby Fair And Mum Pageant

(Left: Booth by 13Thirteen selling babywearing essentials, Right: Booth by Inspire Mum and Baby for overall wellness for mum and baby) (Photo: theAsianparent)

Celebrating Beautiful Mums In Singapore With Mini Baby Fair And Mum Pageant

Kids kept occupied with activities while parents listened to the talks and explored the nearby booths. (Photo: theAsianparent)

Celebrating Beautiful Mums In Singapore With Mini Baby Fair And Mum Pageant

theAsianparent booth gave parents and their kids the opportunity to ‘SPIN to WIN’, to win attractive prizes, and explore the many features on theAsianparent app. (Photo: theAsianparent)

Celebrating Beautiful Mums In Singapore With Mini Baby Fair And Mum Pageant

Taking photos to be uploaded on theAsianparent app’s photobooth in hopes to win attractive prizes! (Photo: theAsianparent)

If you were here at Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019, we hope you enjoyed the get together with fellow parents organised by Beauty Mums & Babies. 

There’s nothing like a supportive community that empowers fellow mums in this parenting journey!

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