Car crash in Malaysia: Family of six killed in bus-car collision

Car crash in Malaysia: Family of six killed in bus-car collision

A family of six was tragically killed in a car crash in Malaysia. The incident happened on 12 December...

A horrifying car crash happened yesterday evening in Malaysia, wiping out a family of six. A little baby was one of the victims.

Tragic car crash in Malaysia

According to the New Straits Times, the incident happened on 12 December and involved a bus-car collision at KM176 along Jalan Johor Baru-Seremban in Malaysia.

Apparently, it was raining heavily and 6 people, including a baby boy were inside the car.

According to Segamat police chief Superintendent Raub Selamat, the accident happened when the car driver lost control of the vehicle (Perodua Viva) and skid into the opposite lane, crashing onto the express bus.

Car crash in Malaysia: Family of six killed in bus-car collision

Photo: Johor Fire and Rescue Department

He has been quoted as saying, “The driver of the Viva and three other passengers died on the spot. Another was rushed to the Segamat Hospital but later died at the hospital.”

“I’ve been told that a baby was also rushed to the hospital by paramedic and has been warded at the hospital’s intensive care unit.” 

Victims included a man, a woman and their three children – a boy and two girls. A little baby miraculously survived the crash, but sadly succumbed to injuries, and died in hospital soon after.

All passengers of the bus were unhurt. Police are currently working to identify the crash victims.

We offer our prayers and condolences for the victims of this tragedy. May their souls rest in peace…

Be safe on the road

Mums and dads, do take care. It’s the festive season and everyone seems to be high on life. But in that mad rush to get to the party or get that list bit of shopping done, may we remind all road users (be it drivers, passengers or pedestrians) to be responsible not only for your own safety, but for others as well.

Here are some must-remember safety tips for this festive season:

  • Always buckle up : Not just the driver, but every passenger in the car should be wearing their seat belts. Young children in particular, should be buckled into appropriate safety seats.
  • Never drink and drive : You could endanger a lot of lives in a single moment of inattentiveness. If you do plan to drink, please make sure you don’t drive. There are drive-home valet services you can hire or opt for a cab instead.
  • Keep to the speed limit : Driving too fast or too slow can be a potential hazard. Remember to keep a safe following distance, this will give you enough time to react in case of an emergency.
  • Keep that cell phone away : Fight the urge to check your messages even if the traffic light is red. There is nothing more distracting than the smart phone and most accidents occur due to driver distraction.
  • Watch out for jaywalkers and cyclists : Especially at night, when the visibility is low. Expect many pedestrians to be drunk walking and not adhering to traffic signal rules. And do watch out for that cycle that comes hurtling in from nowhere.
  • Make way for ambulances: In an emergency every second counts. When you hear the siren, do make way and change lanes safely to the left.
  • Pull Up if You Feel Tired: Please don’t try to drive when your eyes are shutting; you could kill yourself or others if you fall asleep.

Take turns to drive if there is another licensed person in the vehicle. Stop regularly to take breaks. This applies even more so to those who will be driving across the Causeway in the holidays.

  • Checklist – fuel, lights, brakes, tyres, wipers : Lastly, before setting out on your journey make sure that each of these items on the checklist gets a check.

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(Source: The Star Online, NST)

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