3 Cancer survivors recreate viral photo to celebrate their recovery

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These brave young cancer survivors reunited to recreate a viral photo taken years ago during their battle against cancer

Cancer Survivors

Back in 2014, Rheann Franklin (8), Ainsley Peters (6), and Rylie Hughey (5), met for the first time. They came together for a photoshoot for photographers Lora Scantling and Christy Goodger. While it would be wonderful to assume that the three young girls met under harmless circumstances, the unfortunate reality is that at the time they were each in a fight against cancer. The photoshoot for which they had assembled was an effort to help raise cancer awareness.

Here is the original photo:

Source: Scantling Photography

Source: Scantling Photography

Needless to say that the poignant image went viral and helped to raise cancer awareness. Not just for the three brave young girls, but for cancer victims and family of victims everywhere.

Recently, the three girls joined together again with Scantling and Goodger. This time under much happier and positive circumstances. This time around, all three girls have beaten cancer and can now celebrate their recovery!

Here’s a look at their latest photoshoot:

Source: Scantling Photography

Source: Scantling Photography

As you can see, the three girls look much better. In fact, they not only look better physically, but the sheer joy expressed on each of their faces is enough to make you smile, or shed a tear of joy for the courageous little girls.

In an email with TODAY.com, Lora Scantling said of the photoshoot, “We decided to do it holding the original picture this year so everyone could see how much they have changed! All three girls are doing great and are still cancer free/in remission.”

Source: Scantling Photography

Source: Scantling Photography

These three girls share a beautiful bond and an amazing story that will never be forgotten. They are lucky enough to have met each other, and had the impact on cancer awareness that they have. These young girls are an inspiration to cancer patients, and to families of cancer patients worldwide!


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