Calling All Time-crunched Mummies, Here Are 10 Kitchen Hacks You Should Know About!

Calling All Time-crunched Mummies, Here Are 10 Kitchen Hacks You Should Know About!

These kitchen hacks will have you whipping up a 7 course dinner in under an hour... we think!

For all the mummies who love whipping up a good meal at home but just can't find the time to prepare a complete and tasty array of dishes for your loved ones, we're got just the list for you.

Here are 10 kitchen hacks you wish you had known earlier! Yes, do thank us later.

#1 Cherry tomatoes

Problem: You want you kids eating healthy but slicing those tiny things every morning for their school lunches can be very time draining.

Solution: Why don't you just cut them all at once?

#2 Strawberries

Problem: Removing the stem

Solution: STRAWberries

#3 Egg yolks

Problem: You want to separate the yolk from the white but you just don't have the time to juggle the yolk between the two broken shells all the time

Solution: Use an empty water bottle

#4 French fries

Problem: Your kids want french fries but you don't want them to eat fast food because well, potassium.

Solution: Use an apple slicer

#5 Corn

Problem: You're really craving for a corn salad but dread getting the corn off its cob because of the potential kitchen mess it might cause

Solution: Use a bundt pan!

#6 Boiled eggs

Problem: How long exactly do you boil an egg to make it perfectly hard boiled?!

Solution: Poke a hole at its base before boiling it (yes, it works)

#7 Peeled potatoes

Problem: Family wants Shepherd's Pie but you don't want to peel the potatoes

Solution: Get a CLEAN toilet brush

#8 Apples

Problem: The skin, of course!

Solution: Use a power drill

#9 Mangoes

Problem: How do we eat the mango without wasting even a bit of it?

Solution: Use a kitchen glass

#10 Watermelon

Problem: How to I cut a watermelon without wanting to give up?

Solution: This video

Parents, do you know any other kitchen hacks? Do share them with us!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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