5 budget friendly ideas for a nursery — Welcome your newborn home in style!

5 budget friendly ideas for a nursery — Welcome your newborn home in style!

Stressing over the financial cost of preparing a nursery? Check out some of these amazing budget-friendly ideas for a nursery!

Budget friendly ideas for nursery Want a beautiful nursery like this? Check out some budget friendly ideas for a nursery!

Raising a child is certainly no easy task, but the fact that it's so costly in today’s time and age makes it even harder. Apart from hospital bills when you give birth, diapers and everything else in between, there is also the nursery to worry about.

Take note, though, that designing a nursery doesn’t have to be a stressful affair where the financial burden is constantly weighing on your mind.

To help you get started, here are 5 budget friendly ideas for a nursery — ideas that are friendly on your pocket and are sure to unleash your creative, fun side too!

 1. Do it yourself (DIY)

Instead of spending a fortune hiring someone to help you with decorating the nursery, why not just do everything yourself? Flip through pinterest boards for some inspiration. Here is the link to our pinterest board.

Once your partner and you are ready, get started on making that 'dream nursery' a reality. Do the painting yourself. You don't have to just stick to a solid  boring colour - one easy tip is to jazz up the room is to paint cool horizontal stripes.

With regards to furniture get very simple plain coloured furniture from Ikea and jazz it up. And instead of spending a fortune on buying a pretty mobile for above the crib, just head to the craft store and you can create one yourself in just a day. One great idea is to use paper lanterns to ad pops of colour!

budget friendly ideas for a nursery budget friendly ideas for a nursery

2. Recycle / upcycle

Second on our list of budget-friendly ideas for a nursery is to recycle or, as some people call it, 'upcycle' old or unused pieces of furniture. Scour your house for any unused furniture lying around and try your best to finally put them to good use in the nursery.

For example, if you have an old and unused cabinet, with the help of some paint, you will be able to transform it into a fresh addition into your nursery!

Old wooden cabinet isolated on white background An old cabinet like this one can be transformed into a lovely 'upcycled' cabinet for baby's nursery — all you will need is a fresh coat of paint!

If you're intentional about it, you are very likely to find unused furniture that may seem useless but could actually be converted into useful pieces of furniture for your nursery.

3. Get some help

Don’t feel embarrassed about getting help from friends or family. Remember, one man’s trash may be another man’s treasure!

So let your friends and family know that you are building a nursery and they might be able to give you some of their unused furniture or other resources to help make your life easier. They might even be able to suggest more budget-friendly ideas for a nursery!

budget friendly ideas for a baby nursery Your newborn will have a chic room in no time with these budget-friendly ideas for a baby nursery.

 4. Use cheap décor

Decorating your nursery does not have to be an expensive affair. Another of our great budget-friendly ideas for a nursery is to simply use cheap décor.

For example, posters are a great, inexpensive way help brighten up the walls and give it some character instead of paintings.

 5. Buy second hand

If you see something that you really like but the price is too steep, try searching for something similar but at a more affordable price. You can also look around at sites that focus on preloved or second hand. Remember that not everything in your baby's room needs to be brand-new. Certain items like the rocking chair, changing table, etc. can be purchased in "like new" condition online. Gumtree.sg, craigslist.com or our very own Preloved baby goods group is a great starting point.

diy Want to make your baby's nursery special and unique, without overspending? D.I.Y. or do it yourself!


For more budget-friendly ideas for a nursery, watch this video:

Do you have other budget friendly ideas for a nursery that you'd like to share? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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