How to Organize your Baby Nursery

How to Organize your Baby Nursery

Maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of your baby nursery is top priority. If you don’t know how to effectively organize this room in your house, read on to find out more.

A baby nursery can become the busiest place in the home if you have a little angel. If you want to keep everything in sight and within easy reach, you should learn how to organize your baby nursery.

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Organization of your baby nursery works best if you don’t overdo the furniture and accents. Keep everything basic and simple to avoid opportunity for clutter to grow.

Here are some tips on how to organize your baby nursery

  1. Consider the size of your baby nursery. Will it be small or extra spacious? It is best that the baby’s crib should be the only large furniture in the room followed by a modest tabletop dresser and a cabinet/shelf.
  2. Baby nursery organization is possible if the right storage units are available. Instead of purchasing several wicker baskets, plastic containers or boxes, invest in a single storage furniture unit that’s large enough to fit everything else. Save the smaller storage units for keeping smaller items like nail cutting equipment, hair accessories etc.
  3. Before rearranging everything, it is best that you get rid of some of the stuff that could be found in the nursery. It could be old toys, overgrown clothes, and cute but useless stuff. Segregate everything and group them into three categories – useful, maybe, dispose. Be very firm about the segregation or you’ll just end overcrowding the room. If you find decent items that could be used by other babies, you can opt to donate them or give them to friends who have kids younger than yours.
  4. Make everything in the baby nursery versatile by finding other purposes for them. The tabletop dresser can double as a changing table. All you need to do is add a changing mat. The baby’s crib can act as storage for diapers, baby wipes, tissues or extra clothing by clipping a hanging organizer on its sides. Place underbed storage units under the crib for added storage without compromising space.
  5. To ensure that the baby nursery’s floor space remain spacious, go vertical when it comes to storage. Put up wall shelving for books, toys, diapers, and other supplies. Utilize that space behind the door and put up a hanging organizer to keep baby’s shoes, clothes and other things. If you want to add an extra storage cabinet, go for a tall towering unit instead of a short, wide one.
  6. If your baby nursery has a closet, put in hanging storage units as well – position them behind the door and on the rod.

When arranging all the furniture and storage units, make sure to group similar items near each other. Place all diapers, wet wipes, baby powder and other items needed for changing in the tabletop dresser or within easy reach. This isn’t just for organization and neatness sake but it also ensures your child’s safety. When everything is in one place once you need them, you don’t have to leave or move your child just to get something.

Do you have a separate baby nursery at home? How do you maintain the neatness in your baby’s nursery? Tell us, we’d love to hear about it.

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