Teenager Slips Into 5-day Coma After Drinking 2 Cups of Bubble Tea Daily

Teenager Slips Into 5-day Coma After Drinking 2 Cups of Bubble Tea Daily

Her blood sugar level was an astonishing 25 times as compared to a healthy person.

It is never a good idea to do or consume anything in excess, even if it is exercise or consuming healthy snacks among others.

This is especially the case for one woman whose love for milk tea has led to life-threatening consequences, leading up to a month-long battle at the hospital after falling into a coma.

Drank Two Cups of Milk Tea Daily

The 18-year-old Tian Tian—not her actual name—drinks milk tea frequently and dislikes exercising, her mum said to Chinese news outlet, Sina

Weighing about 115kg, Tian Tian would order and drink two cups of milk tea every day on top of coke and other sweet beverages, totaling to about 100 yuan (S$20). She would drink milk tea in replacement of water, reported Xin Hua Net.

This continued on for almost a month, until she was found unconscious on the evening of 2 May. 

Tian Tian was immediately rushed to the Emergency Intensive Care Unit (EICU) room in Shanghai’s Ruijin Hospital. This was after evaluation by emergency staff on her dangerously high blood sugar levels that possibly led to her being in coma.

Blood Sugar Level 25 Times of a Healthy Person

From there, Tian Tian remained in the hospital for close to a month while undergoing treatment.

According to Xin Hua Net, Tian Tian’s blood test report indicated that her blood sugar level was 25 times as compared to a healthy individual, leaving emergency staff astonished and extremely worried. 

Teenager Slips Into 5-day Coma After Drinking 2 Cups of Bubble Tea Daily

Tian Tian’s medical report from Ruijin Hospital. | Photo via Sina

A week prior to slipping into the 5-day coma, Tian Tian experienced onset of symptoms including: dryness of the mouth, nausea and polyuria (the frequent need to urinate throughout the day but in lesser volumes). 

Test results also showed that she was in a critical condition while suffering from various health complications, according to Sina. High blood sugar, shock, kidney damage to even the breakdown of damaged skeletal muscle were part of the list.

Medical staff described the young woman’s life as “hanging by a thread”. 

The EICU’s team of medical experts did their utmost best to rescue Tian Tian under the supervision of Lu Yi Ming, Director of the Emergency Department. 

A series of rescue measures were carried out after acquiring consent and cooperation from Tian Tian’s family members.

Teenager Slips Into 5-day Coma After Drinking 2 Cups of Bubble Tea Daily

Excessive consumption of sugary drinks such as bubble tea dangerous: Medical personnel attending to Tian Tian. | Photo: Sina

“I will never drink milk tea again!”

Tian Tian regained consciousness after her 5-day coma and was removed off the ventilator support.

Finally out of danger, her blood glucose and various blood test indicators also returned to normal levels. She also lost about 30kg in the process.

On 1 June, Tian Tian was transferred to Nan Xiang hospital for further treatment.

After her harrowing experience, Tian Tian promised the EICU medical personnel of Ruijin hospital that she would never drink milk tea again.

Doctor’s Word of Advice

Tian Tian is not the first patient treated in the EICU for dangerously high blood sugar levels.

According to Director Lu, there were three other of such patients who were similarly overweight and did not control their sugar intake. 

Some of them did not know that they have developed diabetes.

Director Lu warns that these patients could have died if treatment was delayed.

He urged the young—especially those who are overweight—to maintain an active lifestyle through exercise, consume healthful foods and less of sugary beverages.

Engaging in regular body check ups will also help alert individuals of any risks of diabetes.

Lead image via Sina and iStock.

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Teenager Slips Into 5-day Coma After Drinking 2 Cups of Bubble Tea Daily

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