Boy who urinated in lift given punishment by his mum

Boy who urinated in lift given punishment by his mum

A young boy urinates in a lift repeatedly, causing anger from the tenants of a high-rise building who have been complaining about the smell.

Residents of a high-rise building in China are in an uproar after finding out that a young boy urinates in a lift repeatedly. CCTV footage inside the lift shows a boy peeing inside, but residents were unable to identify the culprit.

The child’s mum eventually admitted to her son’s behaviour, and informed them about her son’s misdeeds. She also mentioned that she had asked her son to clean the lift for a month, as “punishment”. But is this enough for the child’s actions?

Boy Urinates in a Lift: Why Did He Do It?

Cleaners in the residential building were the first to notice puddles of urine in the lift, which would leave a very bad smell for weeks.

Eventually, tenants started to complain, so the building owner decided to check the CCTV footage in the lift. There they found that the culprit was a young boy, but were unable to identify him. 

The management circulated the CCTV footage in an attempt to find the culprit, and it also made its way to Chinese social media.

Later on, the child’s mother confessed her son’s misdeeds in a WeChat group among the building’s residents.

She wrote, “After finding out about this situation, we scolded and educated him last night. He knows what he has done wrong and hopes you will all forgive him. He also wants to clean the lift as compensation.”

The boy also reportedly wrote a hand-written apology addressed to their neighbours. It is still not clear why the boy did it.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first report of a person urinating in a lift in China. There has been an incident where a kid urinated on the lift buttons, which caused him to get stuck inside the lift.

Teach Your Child to Be Disciplined!

boy urinates in a lift

Discipline is important when it comes to raising a child.

What would you do if your boy urinates in a lift? Would you do what the mum in the story did? Do you think that his punishment is sufficient, or is a much more severe punishment in order?

Either way, parents would certainly agree that discipline is important when it comes to raising a child. Parents want their child to grow up to be respectful, well-behaved, and obedient.

Here are some useful things to keep in mind:

  • Reward good behaviour. Rewarding good behaviour helps reinforce positive behaviour in your child.
  • Discipline them if they do something unacceptable. Restricting TV time, taking away privileges are some examples. Never ever hit your child, as it’s not the right way of disciplining their behaviour.
  • Consistency is key. Make sure that you’re consistent in terms of your actions and follow the discipline rules you set for your child.


Source: Asia One

Photo screencapped from: Asia One

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