This kid decides to pee on lift panels. Guess what happens next!

This kid decides to pee on lift panels. Guess what happens next!

It was only after the maintenance staff saw that a kid is stuck in a lift— that they alerted the technicians. But here's what happened in the meanwhile.

In a bizarre incident, a young boy from China trapped himself in an elevator. That may sound commonplace, but this case is strange because it happened after the boy decided to pee all over the lift panels! It was only after the maintenance staff sees that a kid is stuck in a lift that the six-year-old was rescued. 

The incident that was recorded via surveillance cameras reportedly shows the boy entering his Changsha residential building.

Surveillance camera shows that a kid is stuck in a lift, and before that…

All alone in the lift, he decides to relieve himself and wets the entire control panel. However, just as the lift reaches the seventh floor, the lights on the panel begin to flicker.

In panic, he touches the buttons, but much to his horror the doors remain shut.

According to local media reports, the six-year-old was in the lift for quite some time before technicians rescued him. 

kid is stuck in a lift

The CCTV footage shows that the kid is stuck in a lift after he pees all over the control panels. | Image courtesy: YouTube screengrab

“The boy was lucky he didn’t get an electric shock, or else the consequences would have been more serious,” You Xiaoming, director of the building’s management office, told The Sun Daily.

Strangely enough, this is not the first time such an incident has taken place.

In 2015, a Changsha-based teenager reportedly also relieved himself all over an elevator control panel. Just as what happened to this six-year-old, the teen also got stuck, bizarrely in the very same building. 

While the incident in itself is funny, it certainly is a reminder of why we need to teach our children about elevator safety.  

Here’s what he needs to know if your kid is stuck in a lift

Although most parents ensure that their kids are not left alone in spaces like the lift, it may happen sometimes. That’s why you must share some basic rules of elevator safety with your children. To begin with, here are a few instructions that can come in handy. 

  1. Do not touch the buttons unnecessarily. 
  2. Show your kids the sensors and the control boards and tell them to only press the button of the floor where they wish to get off.
  3. Show them the emergency button as well as the phone.
  4. Tell them that they should remain calm till help arrives. If they are with a younger child, they should hold hands and wait for help. 
  5. Ask them to keep away from the door and not to climb on anything.
  6. Teach them to also avoid hanging from anything, especially if they see a loose wire.
  7. Make sure you tell them to keep their fingers and hands away from the panel and from any hole that they might see in the lift.
  8. Ask them to memorise your phone numbers and emergency numbers.
  9. Teach them about what they should share in that emergency call. “What floor are you at?” “How long have you been there?” “Are you alone?” are some of the questions they must answer immediately. 

These are basic instructions that you must  give to your children, irrespective of whether or not you have a lift in your building. It’s always better to keep your kids prepared in case of emergencies. 

And also, tell them to never pee on the lift panels!

Take a look at the video:


Sources: Strait Times, Medium

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