Bilingual lessons for the two-year-old Princess Charlotte

Bilingual lessons for the two-year-old Princess Charlotte

Bilingual lessons for Princess Charlotte can be a wonderful inspiration to teach more than one language to your kids

As if we couldn’t find her any more adorable than she already is, Princess Charlotte further amps her cuteness meter with another skill to show for: speaking in Spanish! Sources say, that even before she started school in January 2018, she has already started learning Spanish from her nanny, Maria Turrion Borralo, who hails from Spain. Research suggests that bilingual kids are smarter and that’s exactly what Princess Charlotte is already! 

bilingual kids are smarter

Princess Charlotte and her nanny, Maria Turrion Borralo | Image: Pinterest

Princess Charlotte is learning Spanish

The Duchess of Cambridge confirmed in late 2017 that both her kids are linguistically curious. According to the sources, little Charlotte is already chattering away in Spanish! Mum Kate Middleton also revealed that even Prince George has been learning Spanish from the nanny. He’s only four-years-old but can already count up to 10 in Spanish. 

bilingual kids are smarter

Princess Charlotte and Prince George are learning Spanish. | Image: Instagram

Bilingual kids are smarter: Here’s how

The human brain is designed to deal with learning multiple languages. Laura-Ann Pettito is a cognitive neuroscientist and professor of psychology. She has been studying the effects of bilingualism on the brains of children. She says that tissues in young brains are specialised in learning languages. 

bilingual kids are smarter

Princess Charlotte’s first day of school | Image: Instagram

Here are a few reasons why bilingual kids are smarter.

  • Learning more than one language helps improve the executive function of your child’s brain. This makes your child more adept at switching between two tasks, multi-tasking, and making decisions with contradictory or conflicting information at hand.
  • Recent studies reveal that a multilingual brain is nimbler and quicker. It can deal with ambiguities in a better way and resolve conflicts. It can even resist Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia for longer time.
  • Bilingual kids display more adaptability and flexibility. This happens because learning two languages improves their cognitive and sensory processing. 
  • They also have better memories and creative cognitive skills.
  • Learning a second language at a young age helps kids have better pronunciation. 

Successful bilingual lessons for Princess Charlotte can be a great inspiration. So, encourage your little one to learn more than one language and help them develop different abilities.


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Image Source: Instagram

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