11 Reasons Why You Are the Best Wife in the Universe

11 Reasons Why You Are the Best Wife in the Universe

Being a wife is hard. It takes work and dedication to make everything work. Sometimes you may not realize it but you are already the best wife in the world for doing these 11 things.

Marriage is work. Hard work. Being a wife and mum? Well, you have to add a couple more adjectives to hard work to make it an accurate description. So you’re already the best wife for just putting in the work. And you deserve a medal. You know you do.

Sometimes, you can’t help but feel bad and think you’re the worst wife ever. Don’t worry — you’re doing fine. You are the best wife ever for a million reasons. Here are just a few:

11 Reasons you are the best wife ever

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1. Your husband’s success excites you

Whether your husband is getting promoted at work, getting a raise, or successfully (and fashionably) changing your kids’ clothes, it’s a success. You can’t help but feel a certain pride for him. And it’s this quality that already makes you the best wife. Why? Because he matters to you. You are supportive. You share his excitement and pride.

2. You still watch his favourite movie (even if it’s dumb)

Because girl, that’s dedication. You may have seen the movie together a million times. But you are there with him, even though the plot doesn’t make sense and the characters are flimsy.

You are the best wife for putting up with it because you love him. It’s just a movie anyway. And at least it’s over in around an hour and a half.

3. You are an individual

Your husband and your family are usually your top priority. Usually. But it’s also great that they are not the only ones on top of this list. Yes, your other top priority is yourself.

You are the best wife ever because your happiness doesn’t rely on others. You are you. And you still have your own life as a separate individual. That makes you stronger.

4. You cook his favourite food

This can be really important. Cooking someone’s favourite meal is one of the sweetest things you can do for a person – it gets even better if both of you can cook each other’s favourite meal. It shows thoughtfulness, to give them something they deeply and madly enjoy. So good job!

11 Reasons Why You Are the Best Wife in the Universe

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5. You have a sense of humour

You are the best wife in history because you have a sense of humour, and that’s important in any relationship. It makes you and your husband sane in the face of stress. Laughter is indeed the best medicine, as they say.

6. You are trustworthy

Many people, including your husband, may have difficulty entrusting something to someone else. When your husband trusts you implicitly, that’s a pretty big deal. You are his confidant, his rock, and he chose you to be that person he can rely on. He can share everything with you because deep down, he knows he can trust you.

7. You’re on good terms with his friends

Your husband’s friends have been there since before you came along. It’s a pretty good sign that he trusts you with his support system. You’re also grateful to his friends for providing the support that your husband needs. You know you can’t fill those needs alone.

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8. You let him do things for you

You’ve done so much for him, but being the best wife means letting him do things for you, too. Being the best wife isn’t about doing everything for him. It’s about sharing the work and being partners. Your bond will deepen because of it.

9. You communicate

Communication is vital in every relationship. It’s the main reason there’s a relationship to begin with! Keeping communication open and honest ensures that the two of you are bonded. You can have deep, late-night talks, or you can leave each other cute little notes, telling them that you love them.

10. You enjoy spending time with him

You actually want to spend time with him, honestly and unapologetically. When you’re with him, you don’t spend time on your phone doing something else. You value the time that you spend him, and you value his. You enjoy his company. That’s the best part.

11. You make an effort to make it work

As we said, marriage takes work. Being motivated to put in the work and being committed to it is a sign that you are already the best wife.

You are the best wife

There are still many more things that make you the best wife ever, across different realities and a multitude of dimensions. You have a value that does not need to be validated by anyone else – even your own husband. So go out there, girl! You are the best wife in the world and you know it!

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