10 Things to Never Say to Your Wife

10 Things to Never Say to Your Wife

Sometimes it's hard to understand why your wife gets upset with you, so it may help to know what not to say to your wife!

Find out exactly which 10 buttons you should not push if you want to keep your wife happy!

1. “You shop too much”

10 Things to Never Say to Your Wife

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Judging your wife for how much she shops could offend her. If you feel she shops too much, you should talk to your wife about it in a very calm manner, and perhaps suggest that you two only shop together.

2. “You should go on a diet”

Although you may not mean it, your wife will assume you think she’s “fat”. Even if you think your wife has put on a little weight, you should avoid directly telling her. In order to talk to your wife about this without offending her, you should suggest healthier meals for the two of you, or suggest you both go on walks together. Subtle hints are key

3. “Stop nagging me”

10 Things to Never Say to Your Wife

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Even if you feel your wife is annoying you, she may not feel like that. In her mind, she could just be asking you about your day, but you feel like she’s asking you too many questions. Telling her to “stop nagging you” will make her angry, and say something harsher in return, which could cause a fight.

4. “WHAT are you wearing?”

Unless your wife asks you for your opinion on her outfit, you should not give her one, she will take offence to this. If you find her outfit to be ridiculous and not acceptable, you should quietly suggest another outfit, in a very subtle way, for example “hey, remember that red dress you wore on our anniversary dinner? I loved that.”

5. “Did you do anything at all today?”

10 Things to Never Say to Your Wife

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Your wife will take this phrase as a personal attack. Rather than making it seem as if your wife did nothing all day, you could phrase the question in a nicer way, and not imply that you are irritated by her. It is important to talk to your wife in a positive manner.

6. “Where did you put my clean socks?!”

Although you may just want to know where your socks are, this could make your wife feel like all she does is your laundry and clean up after you. To avoid bringing out this emotion, you should avoid this question. Instead, you could tell her to remind you where your socks are.

7. “You cook almost as good as my mom”

Comparing your wife with her mother-in-law will not be acceptable to your wife. Even though you are just expressing your feelings, your wife won’t be impressed!

8. “My ex would never have done that”

10 Things to Never Say to Your Wife

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Comparing your wife to an ex will bring out anger and jealousy in your wife. This could turn into a huge argument, that could easily be avoided just by not taking the ex’s name and comparing your wife with your ex.

9. “You always…”

Telling your wife that she does so-and-so will only cause her to get angry and start defending herself, and possibly accusing you. It is better not to generalize and if you do need to explain your discontent, it is better to do it without telling her “you always…”

10. “I’m busy”

This could be taken into offence depending on the tone you used. A negative tone will anger your wife. In order to tell your wife that you are busy without angering her, tone is key.


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