6 ultimate poop horror stories from parents (warning: NSFW!)

6 ultimate poop horror stories from parents (warning: NSFW!)

The good, the bad, and the... simply disgusting!

There comes a time in your new (parenting) life when you're bound to experience some pretty crappy things. Oh, the horror! We asked six parents around theAsianparent office to share their best poop stories, just to maybe make you feel better about your own personal story.

 And here's what they had to share... Warning: this may get real "shitty".

1. She pooped in a shop in Singapore!



"When my daughter was still a baby, we were out shopping at a mall with her in the baby carrier. I felt something warm when I touched the carrier and looked down, only to see that she had pooped so much in her diaper that it had actually leaked out and trickled down her leg! To make matters worse, the stream of runny poo had dripped all over my foot and was forming a questionable puddle on the shop floor. I bolted out of there and ran to the nearest restroom to clean up. And I have never stepped foot into that shop ever again!" - Dew 


 2. He pooped on the carpet



"I was potty training Aneesh and left him diaper-free for a few hours day during this time. His favourite place to poo was (of course!) not in the toilet, but on anything warm and furry - like a carpet or rug. More than once he pooed on the carpet in the living room, under the coffee table. But the worst had to be when he pooped on my bathroom rug and I stepped on in in the dark. It wasn't even a hard poo! Ewwww!!! The things we go through for our kids!" - Nalika

3. He pooped on everyone! 


"We had taken Marc to the shopping mall with friends. Isabelle was thinking about going home with Marc, but decided to stick around and do some window shopping. After a short while, he wanted to get out of the stroller, so I took him out and carried him around a bit. I caught up with my wife and our friends at the next shop and passed Marc to one of our friends. She passed him on to Isabelle and so forth until we realised his poop had leaked out of the diaper. There's poop on the stroller, on my arms, my shirt, and pretty much on everybody who had touched him since." - Rico

6 ultimate poop horror stories from parents (warning: NSFW!)4. She pooped on the Great Wall!



"We had one helluva "poop" experience when we were on a trip to Beijing in 2014. My daughter had just turned three and we were still trying to wean her off the diaper. So, her poo-poo sessions were very unpredictable and finding a clean toilet to relieve her off the pressure was a tedious task. This incident happened when were on the Great Wall of China. Half way up the wall, she stopped and shouted that she needed to poo now! So while people were busy clicking pictures and scaling the wall, we were palpitating like hell and looking for a toilet like we were on fire. Finally, I asked her to put on her diaper, but the pressure was too strong and she just pooped on my hand, on her pants and more importantly on the Great Wall! This chapter will definitely go down in history!" - Avantika

 5. She pooped on my face!


"Here is my poop story, it might gross you out. Myrah is a colic baby, and when she turned 3 months, I gave her an oil massage. Afterwards, I was doing the bicycle exercise with her, it apparently helps in releasing gas too, Myrah farted and than came a spurt of a few drops of loose poop on my face, I felt disgusted! Ewwww  and my husband teased me by saying you've got some fresh face pack now. - Heena

6. She pooped on my hand during a photo shoot 


"My daughter was a month old, and I wanted to pose with her for a photo. I made her sit in a sitting position on my hand for two minutes. She was in a cloth diaper. Just as we were about to take the photo, she pooped in my hand!" - Preeti

Parents, what are some of your very own poop stories? Share with us in the comments below!

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Pavin Chopra

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