3-year-old Almost Choked by Her Onesie When Sleeping

3-year-old Almost Choked by Her Onesie When Sleeping

It’s bedtime and you go through all the beautiful rituals: bath, comfy onesie, cuddles. Your baby looks so safe in bed. But mums, as is always the case with your little ones, never take safety for granted. In the case of bedtime, baby sleepwear risks are far greater than you can imagine. In one such incident, mum Katie Price found that her three-year-old daughter, Sophie, was choking on the onesie she was wearing.

Baby sleepwear risks: Little Sophie almost choked because of a onesie

Mum Katie Price took to Facebook and shared with other mums about what happened.

She says: “Parents who own these zip-up onesie jammies – similar to this or the same, DO NOT put your child to bed wearing this!! I’m so thankful Sophie decided to climb in my bed an hour ago, because if she didn’t I don’t know what could have happened.”

baby sleepwear risks


She elaborates: “She was so quiet in bed with me. I heard a weird noise and I turned around to her being choked by her onesie. The zip was too high on her neck and stopping her from breathing. She couldn’t even tell me or try to get my attention because she was suffocating! Thank god I noticed. She is a little shook up right now of course, but she is fine! Who would have thought a simple onesie could almost kill a child!”

Katie Price also shared that the onesie label did not carry any warnings about not sleeping in it. Moreover, it fit her daughter well. It was neither too small or too big for her size. She said that her house was freezing in the night and that’s why she chose to let her daughter sleep in it to keep her warm. But she couldn’t imagine this to happen even in her wildest dreams.

Baby sleepwear risks: How did Sophie get choked?

baby sleepwear risks

Sleepwear can be a choking hazard. | Image: Facebook

Katie Price updated her Facebook post to clarify what exactly happened.

She says: “She (Sophie) moved up and the onesie moved down at the back. The front tightened around her neck, with it being a zip, it got stuck and she couldn’t loosen it. That resulted in her airways being pushed against and strangled basically. Zips on onesies are dangerous for this. Just wanted to warn parents not realising how much this status would blow up.”

Tips for parents

baby sleepwear risks

Keeping kids safe and free from risk | Image: Facebook

Clothes that fit well is only one aspect of sleepwear safety. Here are a few other points that you should consider when choosing the right sleepwear for your child.

  • Make sure you avoid clothes labelled as “high fire danger.”
  • Avoid zip-up clothes. Snap-up onesies are a better choice. 
  • Avoid or remove drawstrings from clothes.
  • Stick to simple, cottom nightwear either as a one-piece or separates.
  • Do check on your sleeping babies and toddlers at least once through the night, regardless of whether they are in your bed, or in another room. 


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