Baby names from the Bible can be cool too!

Baby names from the Bible can be cool too!

Try out some of these cool names from the Bible for your child!

baby names from the Bible

Find out why names from the Bible can be cool too!

When searching for baby names, most parents begin their hunt in baby books, internet sites and their family trees. If you want a name for your baby that’s meaningful and timeless, you might want to open a Bible. There is a cornucopia of baby names from the Bible that are cool, unique and will be perfect for your own angel.

Why a biblical name?

In the past, parents would usually turn to the Bible for names if they were very devout Christians. But because of the general appeal of names like Elizabeth, Mary, David or Joshua, even non-Christian parents started choosing Biblical names for their child. This may be because they didn’t really have an idea of the names’ origin or were just naming their children after a close relative. There are also others who would choose a Biblical name just because of how beautiful it sounds and how fitting it was for their child.

Nowadays, parents intentionally turn to baby names from the Bible because of the lack of available and appealing modern names. It could also be because they want their baby’s name to be unique and cool, since some of the names found in the Bible (especially in the Old Testament) can be unheard of.

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baby names from the Bible

A mother considering her options for baby names

Bible name basics

When picking out baby names from the Bible, most parents research the meaning behind the names. However, it is encouraged that they look at the characters’ stories as well. While Magdalene may be a beautiful name, some conservative Christian parents may oppose to it because of Mary Magdalene’s history as a prostitute. One of the potential baby names from the Bible is Cain. It is a male’s name and definitely has a nice ring to it. But in the Bible, he is known to have committed the first murder in history by killing his own brother.

baby names from the Bible

Make sure to find out all the background information before deciding on a baby name.

Baby names from the Bible

To give you a jump start in the right direction, we’ve pulled out some names from the Bible and are providing their background information. We suggest before naming your baby (in any case) make sure you make a list of pros and cons on why you should name your child a particular name.

  • Anani – This masculine baby name from the Bible is mentioned in the Old Testament. Anani was a descendant of King David. The name means my cloud in Hebrew.
  • Asher – Means fortunate or happy one. This baby name from the Bible was mentioned in the Old Testament. He was one of Jacob’s twelve sons.
  • Atara – a baby name from the Bible for girls, Atara /Atarah means crown. It is mentioned in the Old Testament as the wife of one of Judah’s sons.
  • Reina – Derived from the name Rei, Reina is one of the more versatile names from the Bible. Rei was mentioned in the Old Testament as King David’s very loyal friend.
  • Lucius – This baby name came from two popular books: The Holy Bible and Harry Potter. In the Bible, this name belonged to two different men. One was a church prophet while the other was a relative of Paul.
  • Areli – Means God’s lioness. Areli is a name mentioned in the Old Testament. While it is originally meant to be a boy’s name, it makes for a great girl’s name too.

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Where did you get your baby’s name from? Do you have other suggestions for baby names from the Bible? We’d love to hear it!

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