Top 5 things mothers are guilty of -- but barely feel bad about

Top 5 things mothers are guilty of -- but barely feel bad about

Mums can't help it but have some baby fun! Here are 5 hilarious things mums do with their little ones.

We mums can't help it but have some baby fun. After all, our lives revolve around our babies from the second they enter this world! No wait, they have already been in the center of our attention ever since they were in our wombs! Whether we are dressing the baby bump well, or taking enough nutritious food for the foetus, or exercising a little too aggressively, it’s all about our precious little gem.

With Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., it has indeed become a trend to capture our children’s progress - or rather funny things they do - with our friends! Besides, we all need a break when it comes to parenting, and having a good laugh over our kids’ silly antics is the perfect way of de-stressing! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy watching kids’ faces scrunch up adorably when they try some lemon?

baby fun

Here are the top 5 things mothers are guilty of but barely feel bad about. Oops, #sorrynotsorry for having some baby fun!

1. Feeding them lemon

You are already giggling with just one look at this sub-header. This is, of course, the worst #sorrynotsorry thing all parents do to their children! I mean there are actually video compilations of babies trying lemon for the first time. With more than 30 million views? That’s totally normal. Really.

For first-time mothers, this is part of the dummies guide for parenting. Trust us. At any point in time you’re feeling low, you should feed your toddler a lemon and standby with a camera. The lemon faces are really hilarious; you will thank us.

2. Signing up for cute baby contests

Every mother is programmed to think that her child is the most beautiful/cutest/sweetest in the world. The second you lay your eyes on your baby, a strong signal is sent to your brain and that is when you transform into an obsessed woman. Your entire life now revolves around the cute little human you spent nine months carrying. EVERYTHING your baby does is cute; from the little stumble to that contagious laughter.

That said, you also find yourself enrolling them in countless baby contests in a bid to prove that your baby is the best! Crawling contests, photogenic baby contests, crying contests, cutest baby contests; this list never ends. But you know what, we don’t feel guilty about this at all! We simply can’t help it. Our babies are so cute, we just need to share it with the entire world!

For you baby lovers, keep an eye out for the upcoming Cutest Baby Competition 2015 by Parents World! Just head down to Family Extravaganza 2015 at Gardens by the Bay on 12 December to watch the babies battle it out with their thigh rolls and flushed cheeks. Competition is so stiff that registration is already full; it’s bound to be exciting!

3. Taking photos of strange sleeping poses

After a long day of messing around in the house, these kids just fall asleep anywhere! And that can only mean really strange poses that go between anywhere and everywhere; from potties while taking a dump to highchairs during meals to laundry baskets during playtime.

Well, even if they are on the bed, the strange sleeping poses never end! The most popular pose would be having their butts high up in the air, or sitting up with their heads in between their legs! And we aren’t even talking about yoga now, even though the former does sound like the downward dog. You can never underestimate these little contortionists!

For first-time moms and dads, don’t worry about the strange sleeping postures. Pediatricians have confirmed that it’s neither unusual nor a concern. However, do keep a close watch and make sure your baby isn’t having difficulties breathing while sleeping. Otherwise, please don’t ever stop snapping photos and videos of your baby’s weirdest sleeping positions. Keep them coming!

4. Making loud sounds for funny scares

This is rather ‘mean’ but we just can’t help that it is way too funny! Startled baby expressions and reactions are easily the best forms of entertainment on Facebook.

Let’s take a minute to appreciate this video.

5. Consenting to public nose-picking

This is something every child does; you did it too! It is rather cute when they are tiny, but once they get older they are going to learn that it is basically just socially unacceptable to pick their noses in public.

Sure you can keep an eye closed, but once your child starts being able to comprehend their environment, it might be time to start educating them. Teach them to pick their noses in a private space like the bathroom, and always wash their hands after! Remember, it takes about 21 days to form a habit so don’t stop reminding!

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