Baby Delivered At Wedding In Singapore!

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The bride's neighbour suffered contractions while attending the wedding celebrations. The baby was delivered soon after.

The joyous occasion saw the arrival of a new baby onto the block.

The New Paper reported on Madam Suhaidah Mamat, who gave birth after she attended a wedding celebration in Tampines. The neighbour of the bride was 8 months pregnant when she celebrated the wedding together with her husband, sister-in-law and mother-in-law.

The guests to the wedding were shocked by the arrival of an ambulance.

The sight of paramedics stepping out with Madam Suhaidah bearing her baby boy in her arms reassured them and gave them another cause for celebration.


The first signs of the arrival Madam Suhaidah felt were contractions, causing her to retire to her home to rest.

She was accompanied by her sister-in-law, Madam Rohazanah Ahmad.

When the pain from the contractions heightened, Madam Suhaidah knew that it was time. She said that was when, “I called my husband to get the car so that we could go to the hospital”.

While she was lying on her bed awaiting the transport, her water bag burst.

Read on to find out what happened.

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