Wedding Baby: Mother Delivers Fourth Child At Wedding In Singapore!

Wedding Baby: Mother Delivers Fourth Child At Wedding In Singapore!

The bride's neighbour suffered contractions while attending the wedding celebrations. The baby was delivered soon after.

The joyous occasion saw the arrival of a new baby onto the block.

The New Paper reported on Madam Suhaidah Mamat, who gave birth after she attended a wedding celebration in Tampines. The neighbour of the bride was 8 months pregnant when she celebrated the wedding together with her husband, sister-in-law and mother-in-law.

The guests to the wedding were shocked by the arrival of an ambulance.

The sight of paramedics stepping out with Madam Suhaidah bearing her baby boy in her arms reassured them and gave them another cause for celebration.

baby delivered at wedding

The first signs of the arrival Madam Suhaidah felt were contractions, causing her to retire to her home to rest.

She was accompanied by her sister-in-law, Madam Rohazanah Ahmad.

When the pain from the contractions heightened, Madam Suhaidah knew that it was time. She said that was when, "I called my husband to get the car so that we could go to the hospital".

While she was lying on her bed awaiting the transport, her water bag burst.

The bursting of the water bag resulted in a huge mess.

Madam Rohzanah commented that, "The entire bedsheet was wet. The water even flowed to the floor, so both Su and I panicked."

Madam Suhaidah immediately lay down, with her knees propped up in preparation of her delivery.
baby delivered at wedding


She then told her husband, Mr Mohammad Hasli Ahmad, who was at that time, still downstairs that they would not make it to the hospital in time.

Upon hearing the situation, the soon-to-be dad quickly dialled for an ambulance and connected the paramedic to his home phone line. Madam Rohzanah, a mother of 5, reported, "I was trying to explain the situation to the paramedic when I suddenly saw the baby's head".

"I didn't know what to do, but at the same time, I knew I couldn't leave the baby with his head out and the body still inside."

Madam Rohzanah, realising that something had to be done at that time, remarked that "So I told Su to push. Then, in a blink of an eye, the rest of the body just came out." She added that, "There wasn't much blood and for a few seconds, the baby did not cry. My heart stood still, until I heard his cries."She was guided by a paramedic on the phone throughout.

"He didn't just cry, he even peed on me, but no words can explain our sense of relief."

It was Madam Suhaidah's 4th delivery, and remarked that it was her easiest delivery yet. Her other 3 children, aged 5 to 10, were all delivered naturally.

The baby's siblings were curious about the new addition to the family, and kept dropping by the room to see what the fuss was about.

Neighbour and mother of the bride, Madam Aminah Ismail expressed disbelief at the news, stating that Madam Suhaidah's due date was at end of the month.

When she went in to confirm the news, she was stunned at the sight of Madam Rohzanah holding her child.

The 2 families have been close since Madam Suhaidah's family moved into the block 6 years ago.

A veteran of 4 home deliveries, Madam Aminah helped wrap the baby in a blanket and calmed the mum down with a massage.

Madam Aminah recounted that, "Back in the day, we would sew the umbilical cord with a needle and thread, but I didn't dare do it, so we just waited for the paramedics to arrive."

The paramedics arrived at the scene 10 minutes later and transferred the mum onto a stretcher.

Dad, Mr Hasli was told of the blessed news through the phone. He commented that -

"If all these superwomen were not there to help Su, I don't know what would have happened".

The mother and child were discharged from KK Women's and Children's Hospital last Monday.

Madam Suhaidah's new son, Akmal Muaz is frequently visited by Madam Aminah.

Madam Aminah joyously remarked that, "I got a new son-in-law and a new 'grandson' on the same day. I felt very lucky."

theAsianparent will like to congratulate the new mum on her childbirth!

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Written by

Jasmine Yeo

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