Mum discovers bassinet safety feature could actually be dangerous

Mum discovers bassinet safety feature could actually be dangerous

Though this feature is intended to keep babies safe and comfortable, one mum found out how it could be a hazard. Now she wants to raise awareness about it.

When you think of baby bassinet injuries, the last thing you’d expect is a supposedly safe feature putting them at risk. But that’s exactly what happened to mum Erin Duffy and her baby boy Parker. 

Baby Bleeds Profusely, Highlighting Dangers of Baby Bassinet Injuries

The first time mum recounts in a Facebook post how horrified she was to find her six-week-old bleeding heavily. What happened exactly? 

“I didn’t notice anything at the start until I went to pick him up. I then saw a massive amount of blood all over him, his blanket and his bassinet,” wrote the mum, saying how she realised how her baby Parker got his toes got stuck in the holes that supposedly help with the bassinet’s air flow. 

baby bassinet injuries

The first time mum learned about baby bassinet injuriesthe hard way. | Screenshots: Erin Duffy Facebook page

“Very, very dangerous,” stressed the mum in the post, adding how even though her baby’s cut wasn’t big at all he lost a lot of blood, which both she and their doctor found strange. 

Thankfully, her baby boy is okay now. But because of what happened, the mum has resolved to put socks on her baby from now on. She’s also determined to let the bassinet’s manufacturers know what happened to shed light on these dangers.

baby bassinet injuries

Because of what happened, the mum wants to highlight the reality of baby bassinet injuries. | Screenshots: Erin Duffy Facebook page

“Please keep on eye on your little one’s toes,” warned the mum. 

In a little over a week, her post has been shared over 2,000 times. Duffy hopes her story will continue to raise awareness about this often-overlooked danger, so that no other baby has to go through what her little boy did.

How to Protect Your Little One from Baby Bassinet Injuries

baby bassinet injuries

Protecting your little one from baby bassinet injuriesalso means being a smart consumer. | image courtesy: shutterstock

A study published in the Pediatrics journal has found that about 66,000 nursery product-related injuries happen each year to kids under the age of three. 

Of this number, 19.5% involved baby carriers, while 18.5% happened in cribs and mattresses. 16.5% of cases involved walkers. 

Aside from keeping your baby’s toes covered, keeping them safe in a bassinet also means being a smart consumer. When it comes to choosing the best baby bassinet, always follow the 4Rs:

Research. Read up on the history of the product, latest news, as well as customer experiences. There’s nothing like the insights of other mums and dads to help you make an informed decision.

Recalls. Keep up-to-date on baby product recalls to know if you should upgrade to better, safer brands. 

Register. Fill out registration cards if needed so that manufacturers can easily get a hold of you for news of recalls and the like. 

Read. Yes, you’re too busy, but make time to read the manual thoroughly. This not only helps you make the most of your purchase, but it could even save your child from injuries.

If you’re getting a secondhand or hand-me-down bassinet, check it closely for defects. Some older cribs don’t adhere to updated safety standards, so make sure you know when the product was made!

When you do place your baby in the bassinet, remember these safety tips:

  • Use a simple, fitted cotton sheet. Do away with those Pinterest-worthy pillows, quilts, and blankets. Soft beddings increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
  • Put your baby to sleep on their backs. Always remember that putting your baby to sleep on their tummy is NOT SAFE. 
  • Don’t over-accessorise. Avoid crib bumpers and the like. A fitted sheet is all you need. 
  • Clear the area of any unsecured furniture. Baby-proofing a bassinet means clearing the area of potential hazards, like strings from mobiles and lamps that could fall on your baby. 

Even if you choose a bassinet over a crib because it seems cozier, the safety considerations remain the same. Keep your baby’s sleeping space flat, firm, and bare. 

How do you keep your baby safe in a bassinet?


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