How to choose the perfect baby crib in Singapore (Infographic)

How to choose the perfect baby crib in Singapore (Infographic)

Here is our handy infographic to help you in buying a crib for your little one, based on our survey of 70 experience parents in Singapore.

As a parent, you want your little one to be safe and comfortable while sleeping, whether on his own or with you. So, depending on where you stand on the co-sleeping debate, a baby crib can be one of the biggest expenses of having a baby.

There are several factors to consider when buying a crib for your little one. However, the immense choices of baby crib Singapore stores offer can an be overwhelming and downright confusing.

theAsianParent surveyed 70 experienced parents in Singapore about the baby cribs that they bought for their children. Let us break it down for you so you can make a better informed decision for you and your bub.

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Baby Crib Singapore: Choices and considerations

What are the top four types of baby crib Singapore parents prefer? Click on to the next page to find out.

Top 4 types of baby cribs in Singapore

Baby crib singapore

What crib you choose can depend on whether you choose to co-sleep with your baby.

There are four major types of baby cribs available in the market.


In the survey, majority of the parents prefer the convertible crib. While typically more expensive than the other kinds of cribs, it’s definitely worth every single cent because it can be converted into a toddler bed and used up to age four. Talk about stretching your dollar!

Drop Side

The next most popular type of crib, drop side cribs can make moving baby in and out easier because as the name suggests, either one or even both sides of the rails can be lowered down. This is an especially handy feature if you choose to have the crib pushed right up to your bedside so you can co-sleep.

Portable with wheels

Cribs with wheels allow parents to move it easily from one room to another. It can be pushed in the living room so you can keep an eye on the baby while moving around the house and can easily be returned back in the bedroom in the evenings when it is time to turn in for the night.


Standard cribs may not come with any extra special features, but are usually more than enough for your little one to sleep safely and soundly in. These are usually made of wood and can easily be found at all baby stores with a more budget-friendly price tag.

What are the important features to look out for when buying a baby crib? Read on to find out!

The most important crib features

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Make sure you buy a safe and sturdy baby crib which does not wobble or rattle.

Of the parents surveyed, 90% had bought a crib for their baby, of which 63% bought it when the pregnancy was in the third trimester.

So what features did these parents consider the most important?

Our survey results show that when buying a crib, parents consider the following as the most important: adjustable height, grows with the child and durable.

Cribs with adjustable heights allow you to raise or lower the mattress support according to your child’s age and development. It is fine to use the highest height when you have an infant, so you can easily carry him in and out of the crib without putting too much strain on your back. But when your child is able to sit up on his own and pull himself up to stand, it is better to lower the height to ensure his safety.

If you buy a baby crib that grows with your child, then you can consider it a good investment, as it can be used from infancy all the way up to his preschool years. Just be prepared to fork out a lot more for a convertible crib.

baby crib Singapore

Cribs with adjustable height help to keep your baby safely inside.

To ensure that your baby’s crib is durable, make sure that it doesn’t wobble or rattle when you’re checking it out in the store or after you have assembled it at home. If it seems unstable when you shake it, this may be an indication that the crib has either not been properly put together or that you should look for a sturdier one instead.

Should you get a used or pre-loved crib?

Although 89% of the parents surveyed bought a brand new one, there’s nothing wrong with getting a second-hand crib; just make sure that it does not have any safety problems.

Check carefully for any sharp splinters in the wood, peeling paint, discontinued or possibly hazardous features, or any other dangers before bringing it home for your baby to sleep in.

Keep reading to find out what else you should bear in mind when getting a baby crib in Singapore.

Size does matter!

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Do you have enough space in your home for a large baby crib?

Singapore is a small country and with more than 80% of Singaporeans living in modest HDB flats, families are usually faced with space constraints.

Some households may not even have enough space for the new addition to the family to have his own room, so the crib is usually placed in the master bedroom with mummy and daddy.

So when choosing a baby crib, be sure to first figure out where exactly it will be placed in your home as well as the exact measurements of that available space.

If you do have the luxury of space (lucky you!), then you’ll have a wider range of options for your baby’s crib.

What’s in a name?

The three most popular brands of cribs used by the parents surveyed in Singapore are Ikea, Bon Bebe and Graco.

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Baby cribs come in many different types, so find out which best suits your needs.

Majority of parents (37%) though, used a baby crib for a period of six to 12 months. Do consider this when choosing between an expensive well-known brand and a reasonably priced unknown one.

Determine how much you’re willing to put down for a crib given that your child might not use for a long time after all. Those who purchased brand new cribs spent between SGD$100 to $500 while all those who bought second-hand got them for under SGD$100.

Well-known stores such as Mothercare and Boori carry the pricier baby cribs, whereas heartland stores such as Kiddy Palace or Expo sales offer a reasonable range of baby cribs that almost everyone can afford.

No matter what kind of baby crib you plan on buying for your little one, remember to consider all the factors we covered and choose wisely for the one that best suits you and your baby’s needs.

Do you think your baby’s crib was worth the price you paid for? What other advice do you have for new parents out there who are in search of a baby crib for their little one? Do leave your comments in the section below!

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