Auspicious dates for 2013

Auspicious dates for 2013

Want to enjoy a prosperous new year blessed with great fortune and good health? Check out these auspicious dates for 2013 which might just provide you with the luck you need and get you off to a good start.

Auspicious dates for 2013Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we are sure you will want the upcoming year to be as smooth sailing as possible. With a bit of help from lady luck, 2013 might just end up becoming the best year ever for your family and you. In order to help you enjoy a prosperous new year, we have scoured the far reaches of the internet to find out what are the auspicious dates for 2013.

Moving into a new house

If you are planning to move to a new abode this year, then it is best to start off on good note. Moving house is a big affair and some people believe that it will have an impact on your luck. Regardless of whether you believe in such superstition, it would still be advisable to take note of the auspicious dates for relocating to a new place. According to the website of Five Arts Consultancy which offers Feng Shui and geomancy services, these are the auspicious dates for moving house. Note that the dates only refer to the days you should start moving house. You do not have to complete the entire process in one day and can continue shifting house during the following days after the auspicious dates. The time range refers to the time period you should start shifting house.

Date Time Avoid date if your sign is
2 Mar 9am to 1pm Rooster
9 Mar 1pm to 3pm Dragon
9 April 11am to 5pm Pig
30 April 9am to 11am Monkey
3 May 7am to 3pm Pig
28 May 1pm to 5pm Rat


Travelling during Chinese New Year

It is becoming increasingly common for families to travel overseas during Chinese New Year. Some do it to avoid annoying relatives. Others travel because they want to make good use of the long holiday. There are also those who believe that travelling during Chinese New Year will bring them luck. Regardless of your reasons for travelling, here are the dates which you should travel on if you are planning to have a vacation during the Chinese New Year holidays.

Dates Avoid date those born in the year of
28th Jan Rat
30th Jan Tiger
31st Jan Rabbit
6th Feb Rooster
9th Feb Rat
15th Feb Horse
18th Feb Rooster


Restarting work

Restarting work

It is a common belief among many Chinese that choosing the right day to start work again after the long Chinese New Year break will bring about a prosperity for the coming year. If you are in a position to choose which day you want to commence work again, here are the dates to take note of.

Dates Time Avoid date if born in the year of
15th Feb 7am to 11am Horse
18th Feb 7am to 9am or 11am to 3pm Rooster
19th Feb 9am to 1pm Dog
21st Feb 7am to 3pm Rat
25th Feb 9am to 1pm Dragon

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