Ban on mobile phone use among primary school students in place in France

Ban on mobile phone use among primary school students in place in France

What do you feel parents? Should mobile phones be banned in schools? Let us know your opinion in the poll below!

With the current rate of technological progress, it’s very hard for children to not get their hands on smart gadgets. However, as we know, these gadgets can cause several issues – such as developmental problems or inability to read social cues. This article on banning mobile phones in schools discusses how one country is taking a step back to improve their education system.

(Also, what do you feel parents? Should mobile phones be banned in schools? Let us know your opinion in the poll below!)

Mobile Phone Ban in French Schools in Action

In our previous article, we outlined how France was planning to outlaw mobile phones in their schools. It seems that you can rely on President Emmanuel Macron’s word, as a law passed two months ago now enforces this rule. Kids can no longer use mobile phones and other gadgets in school. 

The ban also bans other gadgets, too. Smart watches and tablets won’t be allowed in French Primary and Junior high schools. While the ban was only just applied to six and seven-year-olds, with the following school semester (3 Sep), parents can also expect seven and eight-year-old students to be gadget-free in school. 

The rule is also applicable to high schools educating 15 to 18 year olds. Even though it isn’t compulsory, institutions can enforce a limited or complete ban of gadgets for their  students once the next semester starts.

It’s possible that this law will help to make schools a more conducive place to learn by: 

  • providing less distractions while class is in session
  • helping schools resolve bullying issues
  • promoting physical activities during breaks 
  • and restricting the circulation of inappropriate content among students. 

Most French teens and pre-teens of 12-17 years of age already have their own mobile phones. Let’s hope that this ban does work – and that the world follows suit.

article on banning mobile phones in schools

Most young children would have their own (if not at least been exposed to) a mobile phone. | Image source: stock photo

“A Law for the 21st Century” 

Despite the ban, the French government has given the schools the freedom on how to enforce these rules themselves. The move itself received great praise. Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer called the move “a law for the 21st century” that could boost the discipline skills of 12 million French students.  

Parents, do remember his words while the law was still being processed: “Being open to technologies of the future doesn’t mean we have to accept all their uses.” Just because we have the power to buy mobile phones for our children doesn’t mean we should.

When’s the Best Time to Give My Child a Smartphone?

While there isn’t a set rule to give your child a mobile phone, in a previous article, we did highlight that even Bill Gates would not give his children a smartphone until they were at least 14 years old. In fact, they even have a set of tech rules for their kids:

  • They banned their three kids from owning mobile phones until they were 14. 
  • Screen time is limited, giving them more time together as a family. 
  • No phones are allowed at the tables during meals. 
  • They enforce a “knock-off” time for screen time every day, meaning their kids go to bed at a decent hour. 
article on banning mobile phones in schools

Physical activities are a good way to have some family fun and to bond with your kids! | Image source: stock photo

It makes sense that screen time should be limited, given that it affects our children by:

  • exposing them to dangerous corners of the internet, such as predators, cyberbullying and dangerous games and challenges 
  • affecting the brain development of young children
  • making them lazy; for instance, while a child is listening to a story, he has to use a lot of cognitive processes to visualise and understand the story, but a tablet, on the other hand, will do this processing for him 
  • making it hard for him to make ‘real’ friends
  • risking mobile phone addiction, which can have a negative impact on your child throughout his lifetime. 

Finally, what do you feel parents? Should mobile phones be banned in schools? Let us know your opinion in the poll below!

References: Channel News Asia

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