Woman in Admiralty fatal accident was a cancer survivor, loving wife and mum of 4

Woman in Admiralty fatal accident was a cancer survivor, loving wife and mum of 4

Our thoughts and prayers are with Madam Zarimah's family.

We are still reeling from some shocking news that came in about a woman who died in an Admiralty industrial accident on 25 June. Now, details have emerged about Madam Zarimah Mohamad, 58, that show she was not just a loving mum and wife, but also a breast cancer survivor. 

Admiralty Fatal Accident: What Happened? 

According to a statement from the Ministry of Manpower (MoM), the Admiralty fatal accidenthappened when two workers of the catering company Thyme Food and Services, were operating a material hoist. The machinery was used to shift items between the mezzanine and kitchen levels. 

Madam Zarimah was unfortunately one of these workers. 

“They were within the hoist when it descended abruptly, causing the workers to fall. One of the workers was caught between the hoist and its landing at the mezzanine level as she fell. The worker was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene,” said MoM.

Admiralty fatal accident

The day of the Admiralty fatal accidentthat saw the untimely death of Madam Zamirah. | Image: Screengrab, CNA

A Brave Breast Cancer Survivor and Mum Who Just Wanted to Pay Her Bills

On the evening of 26 June, friends and family gathered for Madam Zarimah’s burial at Choa Chu Kang Muslim cemetery. 

It is now known that she was a breast cancer survivor who was bracing for another round of battling with cancer. Because of this, and even though she felt sick from earlier surgery and chemotherapy, the mother of four kept working so she could could pay her medical bills. She lived with her youngest son and daughter in a very close-knit family. 

According to her eldest son, his mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer around five years ago. He reportedly said, “She was facing financial difficulties due to the treatment costs.” He added that his mother lived with her youngest son and daughter in a close-knit family.

Her husband is unable to work because of knee problems, and they received some financial help from her two other married sons. Still, she chose to keep working in order to support herself. 

Recently, she learned that her cancer might have re-appeared. In fact, she was reportedly going to get a check-up done to assess her condition when the fatal accident struck. 

Madam Zarimah was well-loved and respected by both friends and family. “She would encourage us whenever we faced any troubles. She treated us like her brother or sister, and taught us how to be independent,” a friend of Madam Zarimah told The Straits Times. 

“She believed that no matter how sick you are, you must work” 

This seemed to be her mantra, according to one of her sons, who mentioned that sometimes, his mother was forced to return home early because she was feeling unwell. 

“I told her that she could get quite stressed and exacerbate the illness… (but) by nature she’s very helpful, so she’ll do a lot for the company,” he told The Straits Times. 

Madam Zarimah – who joined Thyme Food and Services two years ago – initially helped with book-keeping and procurement.

However, due to her cancer treatments, she became very sick and weak. She couldn’t even visit her relatives this Ramadan. 

Her oldest son mentioned that his family is still coming to terms with her sudden death. They are not seeking compensation from the company for now, but answers. 

“You can’t pay back a life… I just want them do their job, if it is a faulty (piece of equipment)… repair it. I do not need money from them, she will not come back, ” he said. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time. We hope they get the answers they are looking for. 


Source: The Straits Times

Featured image: screengrab, ST

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