Actress Kate Winslet bans her children from using social media

Actress Kate Winslet bans her children from using social media

Kate Winslet pulls the plug for her kids on the use of social media as it makes her 'blood boil'.

40-year-old actress Kate Winslet, who will soon star in a movie based on Steve Jobs, is no fan of technology. She has revealed that her children are banned from using social media as she feels it hugely impacts their social esteem, creates peer pressure and could also lead to eating disorders.

According to Kate, children try to model themselves for the others to like them and that could lead to stress issues, anxiety disorders along with eating disorders.

She urges parents to “let the children climb trees” and to rediscover the joys of family board games like Monopoly and Scrabble. She comments that it is because of social media that parents are losing control, and suggests that they should be more hands-on with their kids.

She also revealed that she and third husband Ned Rocknroll never bring their devices into bedroom at night- they leave them downstairs for charging and 'practically kiss them (the phones) goodnight' as she worries about their addictiveness.

Has Kate left us with something to think about? Would you keep you phone out of your sight for even one minute?

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