A play on bullying - A Few Good Kids!

A play on bullying - A Few Good Kids!

Are your kids starting primary school this year? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely CATCH this production on bullies, victims and the act of bullying.

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Stop bullying now!

This May, Playacting Productions presents A FEW GOOD KIDS! featuring 13 talented kids who, through dance, songs and versatile acting, will strive to convey their own messages about bullying to the audience.

Their core message is clear– Stop Bullying Now!

Taking up the much spoken theme of bullying, the play takes a good, long look at problems children face today. Bullying is very rampant among young adults and both the victim and the bully undergo their own angst. So what shapes and forms does bullying take? What makes a victim succumb to bullying? What makes a bully do what he/she does? And what happens to those many kids who play bully-victim?

Sangeeta Nambiar wrote the play with inputs from professional counsellors and therapists.  She is also directing the play with an ensemble cast featuring local kids ranging from 8 to 14 years.

“I think the play is effective enough to send people the message that bullying is the wrong thing to do. After watching the play, children will stop bullying other kids and make peace with themselves,” said Alexandra Mei Tan, 9 years old. 10 year old Arjun Sharma added, that “I’ve learnt that people bully because they don’t understand you. We should all work towards understanding each other.”

Be sure to watch this play as they tackle a serious topic in an engaging and humorous manner.

A Few Good Kids will be staged at the Playden, Arts House, on 7 and 8 May.  Tickets are available at SISTIC from Wednesday (30 March), at SGD$35 per ticket (sistic charges apply).

The play is for kids aged 7 & above.

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