A Personal Story: Tracking down the supernatural in Singapore’s most haunted places

A Personal Story: Tracking down the supernatural in Singapore’s most haunted places

A true story about a group of 'ghostbusters' who were in search for supernatural in Singapore, and their haunted trails.

As part of the local paranormal group, Supernatural Asia, I run the "IT" side of the venture. This means recording videos, post-production edits, and helping to publish some of our media onto our social channels. And, sometimes showing people the supernatural in Singapore.

Yes, you read that right!

One of the myriad of activities that we enjoy doing are the group tours for the locals and tourists in Singapore. Showing them the "rustic" heritage of Singapore, it's a good chance to show them that the rich history of supernatural in Singapore. Such haunted places are not forgotten and are preserved through interesting stories told over time.

Here are a few places of Supernatural in Singapore

1. Investigative Gadgets

A Personal Story: Tracking down the supernatural in Singapore’s most haunted places

A portion of the gear that we bring along for every investigative trip. Electromagnetic Meters to detect EM waves, cold temperature sensors to detect chills in the environment, and the all-important cameras for night vision video work.

2. Old Changi Hospital front entrance

A Personal Story: Tracking down the supernatural in Singapore’s most haunted places

The Old Changi Hospital was a popular spot for ghost hunters and curious explorers alike. There were certainly tales of hauntings that were collected over the years, recounted over and over again with a variation or another. 

Developed in the early 30s, it has seen plenty of history, surviving wars and numerous handovers.

3. Old Changi Hospital side

A Personal Story: Tracking down the supernatural in Singapore’s most haunted places

One of the extensions of the hospitals that visitors can easily view from the side. In some of our ghost tours, we had sightings spotted in the vicinity of this area by our visitors. It was either a glowing light from the windows, or two figures spotted on the roof. Maybe you can find something else in this photo?

Mysterious object in Old Changi Hospital window

Is there something really in the windows? One of the curious photos we had clicked from one of the hospital windows. Spooky!

Preparing to take a shot at the Changi Hospital entrance

supernatural in singapore


Filming in the dark requires high-quality camera equipment to take long-exposure shots. While night-vision cameras are available, the IR lights we have fail to project enough light for the landscape shots that we usually want.

4. Brunei Hostel 

supernatural in singapore


One of the abandoned buildings within the hostel. Though it looks relatively stable, the insides had floors missing and parts of the ceiling had collapsed.

Brunei Hostel sighting

supernatural in singapore

Orbs captured on cameras remains a highly-debatable phenomena, with believers leaning towards them as being evidence of the supernatural.

In this shot we captured, we are stunned as to what this could image could possibly be.

5. Brunei Hostel courtyard

supernatural in singapore

This is one of the buildings located in part of Tanglin Hill. The Brunei Hostel was established in the late 50s to cater to the Bruneian students who came to Singapore to study.

The hostel was eventually abandoned in 1983. The reason was a need of maintenance due to the burgeoning education system available locally in Singapore. 

6. Pulau Ubin dilapidated house

supernatural in singapore

Pulau Ubin is no short of stories, and the various dilapidated and abandoned low-rise houses around the island exemplifies that.

Strangely, one of them had a Taoist emblem placed strategically on the ceiling. It's significance is not clear, but there have been tales of their use in sealing up certain "entities." Freaky!

Supernatural Asia is a collective made up of veterans from various paranormal investigation groups. Our mission is to investigate and document reported supernatural experiences and make it accessible to the public. Our job is neither to prove the existence nor debunk it; we merely record our findings as it is. The interpretation is your own.

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