Marriage saving tip - A Love List of Memories

Marriage saving tip - A Love List of Memories

Everybody loves receiving compliments and love lists can be the ideal way to forge a stronger, loving relationship. Read on to know more about it.

It is quite possible for insecurities and doubts to create misunderstandings and problems between even the most loving of couples.

One way of overcoming these is by creating love lists from time to time that you can share and exchange with your beloved.

You can read them over and over again to get some reassurance and feel thankful. They can play a crucial role in building trust and security in a relationship.

If you find writing a love letter expressing your feelings somewhat difficult, love lists are just the right solution for you. Both partners should include the things they love about each other in the list.

These may include personal qualities that you appreciate such as intelligence, appearance, chemistry, character, creativity, parenting and genuineness. They may also consist of loving gestures that one of the partners has done for the other, which has touched the heart-strings in a special way.

You can also talk of the sexy gestures and physical qualities that turn you on. It’s even a good idea to list out the reasons why you love them more than anyone/anything in the whole world. You may want to remember past fun or romantic experiences you have shared.

Everybody loves receiving compliments and love lists can go a long way in forging a stronger, loving relationship. We can't think of a better way to end the year than buying handing your kids and your spouse a love list! So don't stall, go and  write your love list now!

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