Singapore Couples Share Tips For Sex During Breastfeeding

Singapore Couples Share Tips For Sex During Breastfeeding

Wondering how sex while breastfeeding feels like? Here are some useful tips and trick from couples who have tried it out. You're not alone, mummy!

Clueless about what to expect? Singaporean couples share their thoughts on the experience, and turns out, it's not all that bad. Read on.... and take notes!

"It felt different at first, because I was really insecure about body fluid. There were a few leakages but once we decided to switch positions the leakage stopped." - Yap Xin Yi, 32 and Darren Lim, 34

"Initially we decided to not have sex at all because we read online that it could affect the milk supply. But of course, there was this one time we really craved for it and after the first try, it was surprisingly okay and there wasn't much leakage as well! Phew. Needless to say, we continued enjoying it after that." - Siva, 30 and Prisha, 30

"It was quite an experience especially with the experimenting of new positions and all, but all was well and it actually brought us closer together. Funny thing, we actually had some hand towels on stand-by, next to us. Just in case you know." - Wen Fang, 25 and Ian Teo, 26

Want to try it out? Here are some useful and proven tips for sex during breastfeeding.

#1 Change positions

If you feel soreness or leakage from your breasts, try a new position like spooning or being on top. The hands and knees position (ahem, doggy) can be mess-free as well.


#2 Reduce breast fondling

If sore breasts and sudden leakage is bothering you so much, it may be due to the breast fondling during foreplay and sex. Talk to your spouse about it and agree to take a break from that for awhile. Just a while.

#3 Use nursing padded bras


During an orgasm, the milk ejection reflex, which is controlled by hormones, is released during sex causing loss of milk. The leakage is usually sudden and causes too much milk loss. To prevent that, opt for a nursing padded bra.

#4 Load up on lubricant

Vaginal lubricant can be produced during sexual intercourse due to the increased production of breast milk in your body. For this, use a lubricant, preferably water-based to ease the discomfort for both parties.


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