90% of SG Mums Agree: Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is Best in Removing Milk Stains!

90% of SG Mums Agree: Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is Best in Removing Milk Stains!

107 mums were asked to do a blind product test to see which liquid cleanser they found was the most effective in getting rid of those troublesome milk stains. 90% of mums agreed on which one was the best – without them knowing it was Pigeon!

Mums are always on the lookout for the best products for their child, and a liquid cleanser is high on the list of xveryday childcare needs. Since it comes into contact with your child’s delicate skin, choosing must be done with utmost care.

The primary purpose of a liquid cleanser is to be able to clean thoroughly, given the tough job of getting out messy stains that come with your little one’s daily activities; but it’s also vital that it’s made of ingredients that are safe for your child.

Just about 100 Singaporean mums have found the one. Here, we detail exactly how that came to be.

The Test

In partnership with theAsianparent, Pigeon conducted an experiment to find out the effectiveness of Pigeon Liquid Cleanser against two other leading brands.

From the 6th till the 13th of August, 107 mums with at least one child under the age of six participated in a blind product test. In the video below, mums of different backgrounds and ages are seen taking part of the test (with some with their little ones in tow!) for just one purpose--to choose which out of three liquid cleansers was the most effective.

Each mum was asked to dip three test strips into milk cereal; then each strip was dipped into three beakers containing different liquid cleansers. The mums didn’t know what cleansers were in the beakers.

90% of SG Mums Agree: Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is Best in Removing Milk Stains!

To determine which of the three liquid cleansers was the most effective, each mum had to fill out a questionnaire following the test, including what they observed about each cleanser, ultimately choosing which one they liked best.

The Verdict

Mums say….

Pigeon reigned supreme, with 87% of mums choosing Pigeon as the liquid cleanser that got out the milk stain the fastest, while 88% said that it was also the most thorough out of the choices when it came to cleaning.

90% of SG Mums Agree: Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is Best in Removing Milk Stains!

89% of the participants also stated that Pigeon Liquid Cleanser would help make cleaning easy and super quick. It’s no wonder that in the end, 90% of mums unknowingly chose Pigeon Liquid Cleanser as the best choice for milk stain removal.

Why Mums Choose Pigeon

A whopping 96 out of 107 mums can’t be wrong. Pigeon Liquid Cleanser doesn’t only do the job of cleaning; it removes even the stubbornest of milk stains.

It also puts parents’ mind at ease, knowing that it not only kills 99.99% of bacteria, the liquid cleanser is also made of 100% food grade ingredients to ensure maximum safety for babies.

90% of SG Mums Agree: Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is Best in Removing Milk Stains!

Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is great for cleaning bottles and your tot’s toys, and even acts as a fruit and vegetable cleaner so that your whole family will be able to enjoy its benefits.

Time to Try

Ready to try it out yourself? The smallest size comes in a 200ml bottle, followed by 450ml, with the biggest coming in 700ml. (Psst: Enjoy some savings by purchasing the 700ml refill pack!)

While Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is very easy to use, do take time to read the instructions, mums! Some make the mistake of using the cleanser as is, but this is only done when you’re cleaning the items directly.

It’s best to soak the bottles or items to be cleaned in a basin filled with one litre of warm water and 2.5ml of liquid cleanser before cleaning the items one at a time.

Make the Best Choice

90% of SG Mums Agree: Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is Best in Removing Milk Stains!

With the endless choices that mums face and must decide on for their child, how do you know you’ve made the right one?

It’s when that choice gives you peace of mind – something you can’t put a price tag on. When you feel that your child is safe, healthy, and well taken care of, making the choice is easy. Choosing Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is not just the easy choice, it’s the best one you can make for your child. Just ask our 96 mums!

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Maita De Jesus

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