Check Out The Top 9 Things Only Pregnant Women Google

Check Out The Top 9 Things Only Pregnant Women Google

There are no silly questions when it comes to pregnancy!

Expecting moms have a lot on their minds. Understandably so! They’re only a short time away from giving birth! As a result, these mommies-to-be have a lot of questions; where do they turn to in order to have their questions answered? Google, of course.

Side note: Google isn’t necessarily the best place to turn to for answers to your pregnancy problems, but it is the most well known. If you’re looking for accurate, easy to find answers to your pregnancy problems from moms, dads, and experts, check out theAsianparent Community.

Whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned vet, there’s no doubt you’ve probably Googled some of these common pregnancy questions at one point or another. Check out the list of hilarious and common queries that only a pregnant mother would Google!

1. How big am I going to get?

Check Out The Top 9 Things Only Pregnant Women Google

This might be the first thing first-time pregnant mommies want to know. It’s not something they Google lightly either! It can always be a little shocking to find out how much a pregnant mom will grow, but it’s all for a good cause. No matter what you stumble upon, it’s important to keep a positive outlook on your body during pregnancy!

2. How big is my baby fruit chart

Check Out The Top 9 Things Only Pregnant Women Google

In case this isn’t clear, these are charts that track your baby’s growth week by week. Each week offers a comparison of your baby’s in relation to well-known fruits. It can be pretty exciting to see just how big your bundle of joy grows over time…especially when compared to something as sweet as a fruit!

3. Do I really need nursing bras?

For many moms, this question only arises due to the common discomforts of pregnancy. We’ll be brief here. The short answer to this question is a resounding yes.

4. Can I eat (insert food) when pregnant?

Check Out The Top 9 Things Only Pregnant Women Google

Pregnant woman drink orange juice and fruit, healthy

One of the biggest frustrations of being pregnant comes from dietary limitations. Not to mention the random and irrational cravings you’ll get at random times. As a result, one of the most common Google queries from expecting moms is “can I eat (insert food) when pregnant?” Sounds silly, but it’s just a for moms to be sure they’re playing it safe and eating right!

5. Cute maternity clothes

Moms who aren’t willing to sacrifice their stylish ways, or compromise their chic had this Googled the minute they found out they were pregnant! There are always nice and fashionable maternity clothes out there, so it makes sense that moms would want to search for them so commonly.

6. Non-ugly diaper bags

Check Out The Top 9 Things Only Pregnant Women Google

As with entry #5, stylish and fashionable moms typically feel the need to compromise their wardrobe. So, it makes sense that as moms get closer to their delivery date, they’re looking ahead to the future. Specifically, how they can keep all of their baby care items close by in a stylish way.

7. Natural birth videos

Check Out The Top 9 Things Only Pregnant Women Google

If you’ve Googled this while pregnant…you’re a brave soul. A search like this can yield some pretty shocking results if you’re not ready. Have no fear, mom. Even if you have Googled this, there’s no doubt that you’ll handle childbirth like the strong, powerful woman you are. Admittedly, sometimes the shocking results can lead to moms Googling our next entry…

8. Are epidurals bad?

In all seriousness, if watching natural birth videos genuinely upset you and you’re now considering an epidural, now’s the time to conduct and gather research. Having the ideal delivery day is paramount, and you should always weigh your options.

9. How to induce labour ASAP

No matter how mentally prepared you are for the big day, your body is ultimately the determining factor. For moms who might be overdue and are willing to do just about anything to aid the process, this is a common query. Time may have flown up to this point, but the anticipation can drive some expecting mommies crazy!


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