7 Tips To Agreeing On Baby Names With Partner

7 Tips To Agreeing On Baby Names With Partner

Deciding on a particular baby name can lead to lots of arguments between any couple. After all, it is a pretty big decision. If you're feeling overwhelmed with the naming process, check out our 7 tips on how to peacefully agree on a baby name!

When it comes to agreeing with your partner on baby names, It could go one of two ways. You could either be very harmonious and both agree on a certain name, or you can both be at each other’s throats trying to decide on who gets the last say. If the latter is happening to you and you’ve had it up to here, here’s how you can stop the arguments and finally decide on a proper name without further delay:

1.) State your likes and dislikes

7 Tips To Agreeing On Baby Names With Partner

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After declining a lot of names, ask your husband why he disliked them and allow him to offer suggestions of his own. Don’t forget to ask him about what he prefers in a baby name. Does he like something traditional or modern? Would he prefer to name the baby after a relative? Honesty and open communication between partners is always important even if it is just deciding on a name. You will eventually come up with something that you both agree on.

2.) Compromise

Agreeing with your partner on baby names does not mean forcing him to like it. If your husband has rejected your dream baby name as soon as you uttered it, don’t go all hysterical on him. Come up with a compromise. Change the spelling or pronunciation and see if your partner will like it that way. If that doesn’t work, maybe you can decide on two names. Your husband gets to pick the first name while you get to choose the middle one or vice versa.

3.) Make a list

7 Tips To Agreeing On Baby Names With Partner

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Create individual lists of baby names and exchange them afterwards. This way, each of you can look at the other’s preferences. You or your partner may eventually like a name on the other’s list or you might have the same name on both lists.

4.) Ask for help

Agreeing with your partner on baby names may get easier with a little help from friends. Invite some of your closest friends together and have a baby naming party. Your friends have similar interests as you and your partner do, so they might help in coming up with a name that will be liked by both you and your spouse.

5.) Same gender wins

If your baby is a boy, allow your husband to decide on the name. If it’s a girl, you can decide on it. This may be taking a big risk, but it could also work like a charm for you.

6.) Choose your own names

7 Tips To Agreeing On Baby Names With Partner

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It is some parents’ dream to name their child after themselves. If it is your husband’s wish to name your son after him, allow him to do so. You can tell him that you’ll be the one to decide on the nickname though. If you’re having a girl, you can give your name to your daughter and your husband can decide on the nickname.

7.) Take turns

Agreeing with your partner on baby names can be as easy as taking turns. If you had the opportunity to name your firstborn with the name of your choice, let your husband take the full reins in naming your second baby. If you are still expecting your first angel, you and your partner can flip a coin on who goes first.

Finally, agreeing with your partner on baby names can be quite frustrating but it will work out eventually. How will you and your partner decide on a particular name? Are you going to be following some of the steps mentioned above? Tell us your baby naming technique by leaving comments below.

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