Tips on finding modern baby names

Tips on finding modern baby names

Brainstorming names for your child? Getting ideas from family and friends that just don't sound appealing at all -- ditch old-school names and get up to date with modern baby names for your child. Read more on how to find current and famous names that are perfect for your baby.

modern baby names

Check out tips on how to choose the perfect modern baby name for your child!

Tired of hearing your family and friends throw out names from the stone-ages? It’s difficult to keep everyone satisfied. If you and your spouse have decided on sticking to a modern-day name for your baby, then without double guessing yourself, it’s best to start narrowing down your options and categories. Finding modern baby names for children isn’t that hard as long as parents know where to look. Here are some tips that could make the task easier:

Search the internet

The internet is filled with lots of information on several topics including modern baby names. Several parenting websites usually have lists or articles about current names that parents might love for their own child.

Hollywood celebrity children

Following the lives of several Hollywood celebrity children online can help parents come across modern baby names. The names of Angelina Jolie’s kids are considered modern names simply because of their parents’ popularity. The name of Tom Cruise’s daughter, Suri is also quite popular among soon-to-be parents nowadays because it is uncommon and unique-sounding.

Baby name books

Recently published baby name books offer a multitude of modern baby names for both boys and girls. These books are usually updated with names that are popular in the current year as well as two to three years back. A baby name book is often used as a default reference by most parents because of the cornucopia of names in one source.

modern baby names

Choosing celebrity names is a very popular method these days to help in picking out modern baby names

Current best-selling books

Reading popular books of the current year can often give parents clues as to what to name their children. When the Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games series of books first came out, a lot of babies were given the names Edward, Jacob, Cullen, Bella, Harry James, Hermione, Katniss and Gale. Now, it isn’t surprising that Christian, Grey, Anastasia and Steele are part of the list of popular modern baby names either. These are the names of the characters from the very popular Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, which can be considered as the equivalent of Twilight but for mature female audience. Not forgetting Arya from Game of Thrones.

Famous celebrities

Because of the popularity of celebrities, it isn’t a shocker why parents choose to name their children after them. Current lists of modern baby names often include the names of today’s well-known personalities like Selena (Gomez), Miley (Cyrus), Rihanna, Katy (Perry), LeBron (James), Kobe (Bryant) and Dwyane (Wade) among others.

Change the spelling

Modern baby names aren’t really different from the past ones. However, it is the change in the spelling that makes it more current and fresh. For example, parents can make the name Danielle/Daniel more modern by changing the “I’ into a “Y” resulting to the name Danyelle/Danyel. Audree (Audrey), Krys (Chris), Jorja (Georgia) and Mikeel (Michael) are just some of the baby names that have been given a modern twist.

Are you expecting a baby soon? Which one among the modern baby names are you going to name your child after? We’d love to hear all your baby name options.

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