5566's Jason Hsu's Wife Goes Underwater Maternity Shoot While 7 Months Pregnant

5566's Jason Hsu's Wife Goes Underwater Maternity Shoot While 7 Months Pregnant

"Baby, this is the sea. I hope you will like it in the future!"

Documenting her tiny bundle of joy from the very beginning is one of the most amazing things an expectant mum can look forward to.

And now that Bernice Chao—wife of 5566 Taiwanese boy band member Jason Hsu—is expecting her first child, she took to a maternity photoshoot to capture precious moments with her little one. 

Inspired by her love and appreciation for the sea, it was the perfect setting for 33-year-old Chao.

5566's Jason Hsu's Wife Goes Underwater Maternity Shoot While 7 Months Pregnant

Underwater maternity shoot that took place over 2 days. | Photo: chaochao1011/Instagram

Despite being heavily pregnant at 7 months, Chao appeared to be at ease underwater, clad in a bikini and diving gear. 

Turns out, she is no stranger to diving and would go diving every May and June, according to Apple Daily.

Underwater Maternity Shoot

Photo: chaochao1011/Instagram

Chao shared these stunning yet intimate moments with her followers on her Instagram page (25 May) in a series of posts

In her post she described the beauty of life and nature experienced in that moment, and thanked those who accompanied her on completing her milestone.

5566's Jason Hsu's Wife Goes Underwater Maternity Shoot While 7 Months Pregnant

Photo: chaochao1011/Instagram

Underwater Maternity Shoot

Photo: chaochao1011/Instagram

Underwater Maternity Shoot Guidelines to Ensure Baby’s Safety

According to Apple Daily, the 2-day photo shoot involved a lot of prior preparations which included Chao having consultations with her doctor.

It was also to ensure the safety of the couple’s unborn daughter. 

The doctor carefully examined Chao’s pregnancy status: checked on the cervix for signs of premature birth, monitored her baby’s heartbeat and made sure she was resting in the safest position before allowing Chao to take the plunge. 

Chao also had to adhere to three conditions during the dive including: 

  • Diving down of no deeper than 3 metres
  • To avoid holding her breath for too long (to stay underwater within 30 seconds at most)
  • To not exhaust herself 

In addition, she was also accompanied by a maternity nurse as well as an experienced diving instructor who paid close attention to her safety, to even the weather and water temperature. 

Experienced Morning Sickness During Underwater Maternity Shoot

Chao said to Apple Daily that she typically does not experience pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness nor discomfort.

However, that was not the case while preparing for the photoshoot. Chao reported feeling dizzy while on the sea for about half an hour. Still, she refused to take medicine for seasickness for the safety of her baby. 

“I didn’t vomit during pregnancy, but vomited when taking diving photos,” she even joked.

Despite considering herself lucky for not experiencing morning sickness nor discomfort, Chao said that “it was really not easy to face different changes in her body every day”.

“Baby, this is the sea”

“I feel it would be a great memory if I could record the moments of being together with my baby here in this beautiful ocean,” said Chao to Apple Daily.

She also said that she was very grateful for this opportunity and being able to share her love of the sea with her unborn baby.

“Baby, this is the sea. I hope you will like it in the future!” Chao uttered in her heart as she stepped into the sea holding her belly.

Her Advice to Fellow Mums

Here, Chao dishes out a valuable word of advice to all mums and mums-to-be, in making every day spent worthwhile.

“Whether you are now a mother or about to become a mother, don’t forget what you like. While having a new role, don’t forget yourself and love yourself,” she said.

And no matter the amount of discomfort faced during pregnancy which vary from woman to woman, Chao said: “everyone has worked hard!” 

Tips on Swimming While Pregnant

Swimming during pregnancy—even late into your pregnancy—can present some relief to pregnancy aches and pains if done in a safe manner. 

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, swimming is considered one of the safest forms of exercise for expecting mums.

However, it is important to note that while the physical state of every pregnant mum is different, there are some considerations to ensure the safety of mums and little ones.

  • Check for water safety – avoid smaller bodies of water to avoid contamination. Your best bet? Workout in properly-chlorinated pools.
  • Avoid the hot tub – it is advised to keep water temperatures warm instead of scalding hot
  • Be extra cautious when walking on slippery surfaces – this includes the pool deck and in the locker room
  • Step into the pool or slide in slowly
  • Do not hold your breath – keep it steady and continuous when swimming
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Have a pre-workout snack at least 30 minutes before you enter the pool, and a protein-rich post-workout snack afterwards to ensure that you are properly nourished

While experiencing some pains or aches is normal during swimming, do pay attention to how you are feeling and stop if you experience discomfort.

If you experience symptoms such as sharp pains, shortness of breath, dizziness vaginal bleeding, or anything out of the ordinary, do consult your doctor immediately.

Lead image via hmc727.official/Instagram and chaochao1011/Instagram

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5566's Jason Hsu's Wife Goes Underwater Maternity Shoot While 7 Months Pregnant

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