5 things that mums 'steal' from their babies to use for themselves!

5 things that mums 'steal' from their babies to use for themselves!

Mums, how many of these baby products have you tried using for yourself?

Let's be honest, all mums, at one point or another, have tried using baby products for themselves. So we wanted to ask some mums about what they 'steal' from their babies to use for themselves.

Here's what we came up with:

1. Baby food!


We asked Nisa Abdul, mother of one, about what she 'steals' from her baby, and she told us: "I eat his baby puree, those in the jar, you should try it. Soothes the soul."

Who can blame her? Baby food does sound like it's pretty tasty!

2. Baby soap/body wash

use for themselves

Mum of two, Nalika, told us that she loves using her sons' body wash. She says "they smell SO good." Nisa also agrees and told us that her son is now 7, and she's still using his soap!

Hmm, maybe using baby soap keeps their skin young, just like a baby's? Well, there's only one way to find out right!

3. Moisturiser/lotion

use for themselves

This one also comes from Nalika. She adds that she also uses her son's moisturiser. That's pretty interesting, maybe there really is some special ingredient in baby products that make it work great for adults?

Or probably it's just easier to buy one product for your baby, and use it on yourself instead of buying a separate one. Who knows?

4. Baby wipes

use for themselves

This one shouldn't come as a surprise, and it was also shared to us by a lot of mums! Baby wipes are great to have, not only are they good for keeping your hands, surfaces, and objects clean, but they're also great for removing makeup, keeping your face nice and fresh, and a host of other things.

Oh, did we mention that you can use them on your baby too?

5. The innocence of childhood

use for themselves

This one was shared to us by Ruby, mother of one. She told us that she would love to have her daughter's innocence, even just for a day. She says that she wants to experience it so that "she wouldn't have to know why things happen (especially bad ones) and that she can just live with what her simple mind can grasp."

Yeah, that really does sound great. Just to feel like you're a kid again, even just for a day, that would be so amazing!

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Nasreen Majid

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