5 Sex Tricks To “WOW” Him!

5 Sex Tricks To “WOW” Him!

Make sexy time amazingly hot with these new tricks!

Want to impress your husband in bed? Try out these tricks!

1. Squeeze, release, repeat!

5 Sex Tricks To “WOW” Him!

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Check with your man—right when he is about to orgasm, you can tighten and release the muscles of your vaginal walls to squeeze his member. We guarantee it will be the most rewarding climax he ever experienced. Unless… you’ve done it before, of course.

2. Surprise your hubby one night.

Make sure your kids are asleep or out at a slumber party and you have the house to yourselves. Tie a decorative ribbon around your waist and present yourself to him. Let him take you however he wants to. We bet he’ll think that you’re the best present he ever got!
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3. Lady, get on top and take the reigns.

5 Sex Tricks To “WOW” Him!

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For support, you can have your hands up against the wall. Hover above his member—lift and drop, lift and drop. Feel the tip of his penis inside you and move your hips in a circular motion as you lower yourself slowly until he is completely inside you. We bet you he will enjoy the view and the incredible sensations.

4. Ever used props?

Think of all the possibilities. There are so many out there in the market. Fuzzy handcuffs, blindfolds, edible panties. Spice things up and kick out predictability from your routine sex life. Blindfold and handcuff him, then tease him by having your way with him. Trust us, he will surrender completely in your hands.

5. Mirrors!

5 Sex Tricks To “WOW” Him!

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You know that men are visual creatures. So when men can see the action both of you are engaged in, it elevates his heartbeat. It’s almost like watching an erotic film—starring the both of you. In the morning, when he is brushing his teeth, walk-in on him naked. Plop yourself on the sink and seduce him. You’ll be at it in no time. Weeks after the encounter, he will have that scene playing in his mind every time he enters the bathroom or brushes his teeth.

Bonus: Text your man images of different parts of your body at different times of the day with what you want him to do to it. For instance, a photo of your ear with “lick”, a picture of your thigh with “caress”, a picture of your breast with “fill in the blank”…you get the idea.

Before you say “what about having him “wow” me?” know that you’ll get your turn next week. This week, let’s focus on making him treasure you as his partner even more. Here are the 5 sex tricks…


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