5 exciting ideas for a short family getaway these holidays!

5 exciting ideas for a short family getaway these holidays!

Don’t know where to start with planning your short family getaway? We’ve compiled a list of ideas to get you started.

Are you panicking? Between running after the kids and chasing that promotion, you didn’t leave enough time to plan that perfect holiday getaway, did you? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Good news is, we’ve got your back! Here are some ideas for some last-minute, short family getaways, based on your every preference.

Beach, please!

If your idea of a great year-end destination involves kicking back and relaxing with some sand, sun and sea, then you are clearly in luck. Southeast Asia spoils us with a silly number of spectacular beaches in the region, a majority of them at most a mere two hour flight away. The Banyan Tree resorts, for instance, have a reputation for choosing the best beaches to reside on, the closest two being Banyan Tree Phuket and Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru in the Maldives.

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 Pro tip #1: When choosing a beach, search beyond the standard, touristy Bali or Phuket options – and even if you do, look up the slightly less “popular” beaches on the islands. You will likely be able to find even cleaner, sparkling waters with a comfortable number of amenities and activities. Even better, much fewer people – and therefore more space for your little ones to scamper about!

Pro tip #2: Look up monsoon schedules; you don’t want all memories of your tropical paradise to be of the tropical thunderstorms! Aim for the West coasts of Southeast Asia, which are less likely to be too rainy in December.

Inside Ben Thanh market

Stephan Ridgway – originally posted to Flickr as Ben Thanh market

Shop till you drop

Shopping might be Singapore’s claim to fame (and also our #1 hobby), but make no mistake – we are also awfully pampered with fabulous shopping destinations all around us. Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Hong Kong, as you probably already know, are excellent. But have you considered giving Ho Chi Minh a shot? How about Yogyakarta? If you haven’t, well, maybe you should!

In case you’re worried about the rest of the family getting bored, try stepping out of the big shopping malls and spend the day instead at the huge markets or bazaars scattered all over the cities. Your kids will have loads of fun poking around and asking questions about the different stalls, which sell everything from stacks of beans, coffee, and dried fruits, to leather goods, to traditional medicine (cobra ointment, anyone..?). A sure favourite to look out for in many of these markets are the candy-making stalls, where your little ones will be able to do a taste test, and sometimes, even get involved in the process!

Living it up

Let’s face it, at the end of a long year, sometimes all you want to do is to be waited on hand and foot. If you’re into not having to do too much, then Koh Samui may just be your answer. Samujana resort promises to deliver on everything you want, and will cater to everyone’s needs – be it for a romantic getaway, or a huge family gathering.


Picture courtesy of Samujana resort

The resort holds activities such as popup barbecues, Muay Thai, sunrise yoga, and arts and crafts sessions to keep everyone of all ages entertained. Aside from that, there is a range of activities for the slightly more adventurous at heart, such as water-skiing and snorkelling.

If you’re thinking of a New Year’s Eve getaway, then you are likely also in for a treat. Get ready to feel like royalty whilst being treated to a stunning fireworks display as you enjoy your dinner!

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One with nature

Let nature do its magic and come back in time for the new year, refreshed and rejuvenated. There are way too many options, so we’re just going to get the ball rolling with a few words.

Rice terraces in Sa Pa, Vietnam.
Waterfall-hopping in Cebu, Philippines.
Rainforest Resorts in Borneo.
National Parks and safaris in Sri Lanka.

Go on. We dare you to tell us you’re not intrigued.

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Winter wonderland

If you’re done with the 24/7 heat and want a little break in slightly cooler climes – yet don’t quite want to break the bank with a trip to the North Pole (or stress with that many layers of clothing, tbh) – then you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that there are places to get all bundled up and feel the Christmas vibes, which are even closer than you expected.


The stunning view from the pool at the Best Western Premier Genting Ion Delemen; picture courtesy of Ion Delemen Hotel

When you can’t fly 6,000km to get your dose of fresh, chilly air, what’s your best option? Going 6,000ft up, of course! Genting Highlands, located in the vast mountain ranges of Malaysia, is just 45 minutes away from the central Kuala Lumpur, and will leave you surrounded by the panoramic views in every direction.

There are many things to do with the family, including visiting historic tourist sites such as the Chin Swee Cave Temple and Mushroom Trails. Shopping is certainly not an issue either, with the brand new Genting Premium Outlet and Sky Avenue Mall slated to open in the next month.

But of course – what with the perfect, constant 15 degree weather, it is no surprise that one signature activity in Genting Highlands is strawberry picking! You can take your kids out on a berry fun trip out into the fields to get their hands sticky and their bellies contented with plump, fresh fruit all year round.

Pro tip: Their freshly made jams are, as you might guess, to absolutely die for, so stock up while you’re there!

A little bit of everything

Too many of those things sound appealing to you? Not to worry, you still can have it all. Bintan, for example, offers an array of exciting activities (in case you want a massive, man-made lagoon in place of your regular, boring old swimming pool, for instance) all within short ferry rides! Private backyards in The Canopi Resort also allow your kids to roam and play within safe distance from your room. Hong Kong, too, offers a triple whammy, with cool weather, natural landscapes, and multitudinous shopping options to boot. The point is, don’t let too many options slow you down!

Well, there you have it! You have completed Step 1 by figuring out what type of holiday you wish for the most. Now follow up with more in-depth research to figure out what works the best for you and your family.

Good luck, and happy travelling!

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