4-year-old girl harassed and verbally abused on Jetstar flight

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The male passenger had "started reaching for her leg and started hitting it and shouted at her."

On 14 July 2016, Ms Joy wrote a Facebook Post about her 4-year-old daughter who was harassed and verbally abused while on board Jetstar flight 3K766 on 13 July 2016.

Joy stated that her daughter was abused by a male passenger seated on seat numbered 4A on the flight. It started with him being angry with her daughter's legs hitting the back of his seat.

She mentioned that her daughter was acting like any normal kid would, only that she couldn't keep still because she was hungry and wanted to eat right away.

Things got worse when the seatbelt sign was turned off. The male passenger had "started reaching for her leg and started hitting it and shouted at her."

When Joy calmly talked to him, the male passenger shouted at her, saying: "I don't care how old she is (referring to the child), if she doesn't know how to follow instructions you should shout at her because you are the mother."

The flight stewardess was called and Joy said that she and her daughter were told to move to another seat, to which Joy unwillingly obliged.

To make things more difficult, Joy was also travelling alone and had her 8-month-old baby with her. Definitely not an easy situation to be handling all this.

It was mentioned in the post that the man got away with his actions.

You can read the post below:

Joy has since filed a police report. However, she was instead referred to seek legal advice since the incident happened during the flight, and the police has no jurisdiction over the incident. Joy was advised that by getting a lawyer, she can get the man's name and details.

Jetstar on the other hand, has yet to give her a response to this incident.

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Pavin Chopra