Casey Anthony acquitted of murdering her daughter

Casey Anthony acquitted of murdering her daughter

US mum's acquittal of murder charges caused controversial reaction among public.

Casey Anothony Acquitted

Casey Anothony Acquitted

Two days ago, Casey Anthony, the mother accused of killing her two-year-old daughter nearly three years ago was acquitted of all her charges, including aggravated manslaughter, aggravated child abuse and four counts of lying to police, has been acquitted of all murder charges.

According to the Associated Press, Anthony, 25, broke down in tears upon hearing the verdict that cleared her of killing her daughter, Caylee Anthony, but was convicted of four misdemeanour’s counts of lying to investigators.  She could get up to a year in jail on each count when she is sentenced today.  However, since she has been in jail for nearly three years, she could walk free.  Had she been convicted of murder, she would have received the death penalty.

Yesterday, a relieved Anthony was greeted outside the courthouse to a disapproving crowd of 500.  They chanted “Justice for Caylee” and “Baby killer!” The case had received much media and public attention since July 2008 when Anthony reported Caylee missing and supposedly kidnapped by her babysitter.  Anthony brought the police to the last place she saw Caylee as well as to Universal Studios where she said she worked.  It was there that she admitted lying to the police about working there.  Subsequently in October 2008, she was indicted and in December 2008, skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony were discovered in a wooded area near their family home.

Prosecutors claimed that Anthony – a single mother living with her parents – suffocated Caylee with duct tape because she wanted to be free to party at nightclubs and spend time with her boyfriend.  During the months before Caylee was found, Anthony was photographed having wild nights at clubs and she even got herself a tattoo which says “beautiful life” in Italian.  They also alleged that Anthony had crafted elaborate lies in in order to mislead investigator as well as her family.

Her defense team meanwhile tried to convince the jurors that the toddler accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool and Anthony panicked and hid the death because of the traumatic effects of sex abuse by her father.

Eventually, all charges of murder against her were dropped due to a lack of evidence.  The medical examiner was not able to establish how Caylee died and prosecutors had only circumstantial evidence that she had been killed.

A Singapore Children’s Society study in 2000 found that the perpetrators of child aggravation are often close family members.  Younger parents, especially those in their teens are also in the high risk group of  families prone to abusive behaviors.  More recently, we have encountered one too many cases of abuse by family members.  We cannot help but to wonder, what caused them to carry out such heinous acts against these innocent children.

Do you think Casey Anthony should be acquitted?  In Singapore, is the current legislation – a maximum of four years imprisonment and/or a fine – enough to punish them?  Share your views with us.


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Wafa Marican

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