22 Engaging Podcasts for Kids of Various Ages

22 Engaging Podcasts for Kids of Various Ages

Keep your kids entertained at home for long hours with these engaging yet informative podcasts.

Podcasts have transformed the way children engage with the big world. What is the attraction here? In simple terms, a podcast is a digital audio programme that you can download or stream and listen online whenever you want.

These podcasts will bring back the nostalgia of the family time around a radio. They keep your kids entertained and engaged while at home for long hours. In the rest of the article, you will find specific podcasts for kids of various ages, from tiny tots to older kids.

How Podcasts Benefit Children and Learning

Research reveals that auditory learning is a vital part of cognitive development in kids. Language development which includes vocabulary, comprehension and imagery greatly improves by listening. Listening can positively impact reading speed and motivation too. 

Surveys have revealed that kids can benefit from listening to podcasts. As compared to reading an article or watching a recorded lecture, students are reportedly more likely to engage in listening to a podcast, and for a longer period of time.

Besides, listening to podcasts can be done alongside a routine activity. It provides more focus, accessibility and encourages engagement. Here are a host of other benefits for both parent and child.

  • Podcasts help reduce screen time for kids

If listening to music, stories or jokes keep your active kids engaged, they won’t ask for the television or the tablet.

  • Podcasts offer a sense of personal interaction

This feeling of intimacy comes from the one-to-one experience of listening to the programme.

  • There is no timeframe attached

You have the freedom to switch on the podcast episode whenever you or your kid feel the requirement.

  • They are cost-effective and convenient

Digital availability makes podcasts cut costs compared to other entertainment mediums. After you subscribe to the podcast – download, update and archive – everything is easy.

  • They are portable platforms

You don’t need to take your kid someplace for entertainment. Get the podcast to where your child is comfortable, even to bed.

  • It is entertainment on-demand

You have the freedom to choose when, where and what content – bedtime stories, educational information or relaxing music.

Podcasts for Kids

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How to Get Started on Podcasts for Kids

You may be already aboard the podcast ride. To get your kids to benefit from podcasts, introduce them to podcast entertainment step-by-step.

Do some research on podcasts for kids available on the web. Read up on parents’ reviews.

Put it up on the speaker for the first few times. Invest in a pair of headphones for the kid to personalise their experience.

Next, try listening to the free trials to see if you and your child like the content. Subscribe to the programmes when you get a thumbs-up from them.

You may want to listen in first to decide on the age-appropriateness. For very young kids, relaxing music at bedtime is a good way to start. At other times, you may put on rhymes and jingles. A child is likely to listen and absorb through recorded sound after the age of three. So, it is recommended to start storytelling sessions at that age.

22 Podcasts for Kids of Various Ages

Not only is listening to podcasts beneficial for your kids, it also allows parents and their children to forge family bonds. Your child will be able to share his/her preferences and new-found information with you. 

Podcasts for Tiny tots

  1. extraBLURT, Jr. – An audio game show of challenges and trivia where your little one is supposed to shout out the answers along with you. They are sure to enjoy this.
  2. Circle Round – Here your child gets to listen to folktales and stories from all over the world adapted to their age, exposing them to a window to other cultures!
  3. Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child – Your child will enjoy the rock music here and so would you. They also have in-studio, live performances.

Podcasts for Young Kids

  1. Sesame Street – Not a stranger to the kiddos. Elmo, Abby, Grover and Cookie Monster can accompany your child without the television or digital screen now.
  2. Story Pirates – As exciting as its name sounds. The added highlight here is that the stories will allow your kids to gain a thing or two.
  3. Kids Pod – Writer Aimee Chan has come up with this amazing series where kids get to ask any question and an adult answers them. Aimed at school-going kids who are stuck at home during the lockdown, this podcast has grown enormously.
  4. extraBLURT – Meant for loud fun for the family. Tap into your inner child with the kids and scream out the answers to the questions. It has snippets of useful information to take away from. 
  5. Smash Boom Best – This unique debate platform is for families to debate on everyday simple things. After which, you may find out the verdict of the podcast.
  6. Wow in the World – Your child would love to know about Bumble-bee vomit or astronaut booger. All kinds of weird what, why and how answered here.
  7. But Why? – Another podcast to satisfy your little one’s curiosities. You may submit some questions beforehand to get answers in one of the episodes.
  8. HiLL-LaRRy-uS! – Is your child fond of telling and listening to jokes? Then, they would love the puns, riddles and knock-knock jokes here.
  9. Stories Podcast – A new story every week from classics to folktales and mythology, this is old-time engagement for your kids.
  10. Story Seeds – Ideas from a child is woven into a story by a book author—a new concept in which your child may have a chance to participate in.
  11. Planet Storytime – With a new episode every Thursday, your child will learn the virtue of patience while they wait. At the end of the month, all the episodes are repeated together, in case they have missed out.
  12. Aaron’s World – In this audio-drama Aaron and his computer sidekick embark on various adventures into the dinosaur world. This was actually conceptualised by Aaron when he was 6 years old, five years ago.
  13. STOR14S – A lockdown story writing competition by Yahoo brought out this amazing collection worth listening to.

22 Engaging Podcasts for Kids of Various Ages

Podcasts for Older Kids

  1. Eleanor Amplified – An episodic serial story about the adventures of a reporter, perfect for the whole family to enjoy.
  2. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls – Aimed at encouraging girls through biographies, here are stories of strong women in history.
  3. Ear Snacks – The hosts Andrew Barkan and Polly Hall present a mix of music, conversation and facts to reach out to children.
  4. Brains On – For kids who love to dabble in scientific facts, this is a great podcast. Even adults will pick up nuggets of information here.
  5. Warrior Kid Podcast – Retired Navy SEAL officer Jocko Willink presents this question-answer series where random queries from kids are encouraged.
  6. KiDNuZ – A daily 5-minute news podcast for your kids, this is carefully planned with the children’s likes in mind. An amazing way to keep kids abreast with happenings around the world minimising the occurrence of negativity brewing in.


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22 Engaging Podcasts for Kids of Various Ages

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