1st day Mainstream Kindergarten at 5 years old

1st day Mainstream Kindergarten at 5 years old

ML Oo shares her child's first day in school with theAsianparent.

My son is a Special kid. A Special Needs kid. He is autistic.

1st April 2011 was his 1st day of school in the mainstream kindergarten. He was 5 years and 4 months old. Before that he was in a special needs school.

His first day of school was uneventful. He sat together with the other schoolmates, while the Chinese teacher was singing the Chinese Nursery Rhymes. My son does not know a word of Chinese but he sat quietly and patiently. He did say (a few times) that he wants to go home. During outdoor water play, he watched his classmates, splashing water around. His shirt got wet but he didn’t fuss about changing to a new shirt (usually he does). I’m proud of him, being able to adapt to his new surroundings so well. We have come a long way to get him “semi-normal” enough to get him into a mainstream school. Hope he progresses further in his new adventure.

When we were driving home, I asked him whether he like his new school. He said, “Yes”.

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