First day in Nursery 1

First day in Nursery 1

Pritiya shares her child's first day in school with theAsianparent.

Rahish started school on the 4th of January 2011. I had been asked many times why I had chosen to put a 30 month old in a class that runs from 8.30 to 10.30 am. There were concerns that he would not enjoy school because he would have to wake up so early in the morning. I was concerned about this too but I told myself Rahish can adapt or rather he will eventually have to adapt.

On the first day of school, I really wanted to be with him, so that I could read his expressions and watch how he reacts to the new environment.Nevertheless, I had to forgo this opportunity because I too had to attend to my class of 42 secondary three students on that very day. Anyhow, I was at ease not only because daddy was free to join Rahish at his Nursery 1 class but also because thus far Rahish enjoyed being in the company of others.

So father and son head to school. The classroom was filled with parents and loud cries from some children. Thank goodness Rahish was oblivious to the cries and hurried to play with the toys placed on the floor mat. The first fifteen minutes involved informal circle play. Rahish and other willing classmates, played with blocks, jigsaw puzzles and other toys including two planes which Rahish quickly staked his claim on.

After the first hour, Teacher Aida gathered the eight boys around the work table to design masks stuck on ice-cream sticks.(Rahish’s very first art work from school!) At this point, daddy received a call from his workplace, and was required to rush to work immediately to handle an urgent matter. There was little choice but to leave Rahish all by himself. My husband left the classroom with a heavy heart. Although Rahish readily agreed to work with Teacher Aida to design the mask, it was inevitable for daddy to feel guilty having to leave the little boy all by himself when the rest of the children had both parents by their sides.

Towards the last 30 minutes of the class, my helper, Dian, joined Rahish. His face lit up when he glanced up from the jigsaw puzzle he was fixing and noticed that she had arrived. Once he completed his jigsaw he eagerly showed Dian the two toy planes which he simply refused to share with any of the other boys. Dian explained to Rahish that he should share, although he refused at first, he grudingly handed one of “his” planes to his new found friend.

When recalling the events of Rahish’s first day at school I marvel at how little ones adjust to a new life experiences and schedules so readily. It is a joy to watch how they converse and play with each other without any inhibition. Alas, adults have untaught themselves of this beautiful art.

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