17 Ceiling Fan Models Recalled Due To Potential Safety Hazards

17 Ceiling Fan Models Recalled Due To Potential Safety Hazards

While Enterprise Singapore said it received no reports of injuries, it advised consumers to"exercise caution" as the fan models did not meet the regulated product safety requirements.

Product safety regulator Enterprise Singapore warned consumers to stop using 17 models of ceiling fans that are being recalled by Elmark Marketing because of potential safety hazards. 

In a media advisory released on Monday 23 December 2019, the safety authority “advises consumers to stop the use of 17 models of ceiling fans by Elmark Marketing (Elmark) due to potential safety hazards such as electrocution, falling hazard, laceration and fire.”

17 Ceiling Fan Models Recalled Due To Potential Safety Hazards

Image: Screenshot from Elmark Website

Enterprise Singapore said while it received no reports of injuries, it advised consumers to “exercise caution” as the fan models did not meet the regulated product safety requirements.

Elmark Product Recall: 17 Ceiling Fan Models Recalled 

The 17 recalled models are: AC 4054, E502 Aeratron, EC 888, EC 999, ED 866, EL03 Cane, EL03 Leaf, ELS 52 HHA, EL 3888 Elegant, ES 380S, ES 803, ES 803 Mini, Fanaway, Fantasy UFO 38, V6 Mini, V8 Jazz and VIP 99.

elmark product recall

Image: Screenshot from Elmark Marketing Website

According to Elmark, it is recalling the affected products with immediate effect. On a statement posted on their website in the afternoon of the same day, it said the products were “unregistered and sold without a valid safety mark.”

“Customers who purchased these models are entitled to trade in your old fan for a voucher of S$150,” it said. The vouchers can be used within five years and are transferrable to anyone for purchases in Singapore. The company will also provide free removal services for customers who do not want to keep the fans.

Elmark will also assist in identifying and verifying model types for those who are unsure of the fan models they have. Customers can take a photo of the product and send it to Elmark through WhatsApp on 9022-6365 to verify its model type.

Meanwhile, customers may also contact the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for further assistance, said Enterprise Singapore.

Ceiling Fan Safety

Ceiling fans are controlled goods that must be tested and certified under the Consumer Protection Regulations. These products should also be registered with Enterprise Singapore and fitted with a safety mark. A fine of to S$10,000, jail time of up to two years, or both will be imposed on anyone found guilty of supplying controlled goods that have not gone through these proper processes.

“Enterprise Singapore takes a serious view towards suppliers who do not comply with the requirements under CPSR (Consumer Protection Safety Requirements regulations) and will not hesitate to take action against errant suppliers,” added the safety agency.

The agency urges consumers to take precautions with their ceiling fans such as checking the suspension system and blades for cracks once every two years. The fans should also not be installed on an unstable ceiling or in a wet or moist area, the regulator added.

Consumers who wish to report product safety issues can call Enterprise Singapore on 1800-773-3163 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Safety tips for parents 

  • Consider fitting a ceiling fan as these are obviously placed far away from your baby’s reach.
  • If you do install one, ensure at least 3 to 4 feet between the tip of the ceiling fan blades and the edge of your child’s bed or other furniture, so if he’s tempted to jump on his bed or climb he won’t reach the fan. This is especially important if your child has a bunk bed.
  • Ensure that all blades are properly installed and that the fan is securely mounted following the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Do not hang streamers, ropes or other items from the blades of a ceiling fan. This could pose the danger of strangulation for your child.
  • Clean your fan at least once a month, as dust and dirt will get trapped on the blades.

We hope you’ve learnt an important safety message from this article. If you have any thoughts on this story, do share them with us.

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