These 11 Baby Products Sold Online Are Unsafe According To Enterprise Singapore

These 11 Baby Products Sold Online Are Unsafe According To Enterprise Singapore

Parents, take note of these baby products that has been recalled on online shopping platforms.

This piece of news by Enterprise Singapore has surely come timely for all consumers, especially for parents and parents-to-be.

Baby Product Recalls 2019: Warning To Consumers On Product Safety

On Tuesday 5 November 2019, Singapore’s regulatory agency for product safety of general consumer goods, Enterprise Singapore, has issued a warning to all consumers. 

In its media release, it highlights safety issues for three types of children’s products: baby carriers, cots, and strollers

This was after a safety test was done on 16 baby products last month.

Amongst the six baby carriers, five cots and five strollers tested, 11 products were found to be unsafe.

Baby Product Recalls 2019

The Milano – Oxford 4 in 1 Convertible Cot (Model No: BD302), is one of the 11 products identified as unsafe by Enterprise Singapore.

Safety Hazards Identified By The Regulatory Agency

Through a surveillance done, these 11 products failed to comply with the safety requirements by the American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM), the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), or the European Committee for Standardisation (EN).

It also said that the hazards identified included: choking, entrapment, falling, and laceration

According to Enterprise Singapore, these 11 products were also sold on various e-commerce platforms including Qoo10, Shopee and Lazada.

Baby Product Recalls 2019

Screen capture from Enterprise Singapore unsafe products list.

View the full list of unsafe products and pictures, here

Baby Carriers: Baby Product Recalls 2019

  1. MINE 4 Position Baby Carrier (Qoostore on Qoo10)
  2. OEM Adapt 3 Position Baby Carrier (Dreamworks Mart on Shopee)
  3. Sorbebe Airo Robic Hip Seat Baby Carrier (Agape Babies)
  4. I-Angel Miracle Hip Seat Carrier (Koreanbabymarket from Lazada)

One of the key issues highlighted from the baby carriers was that the fastener was unable to support the weight of a baby, causing breakage.

Another cause was from the lack of instructions on proper usage and precautions, which may lead to improper use, causing injuries and suffocation.

Cots: Baby Product Recalls 2019

      5. SG Baby Shop (Model No: SX) (SG Baby Shop on Qoo10)

      6. Premium Baby Bed Set (Model No: Hope HP 810M) (JIJI Baby on Qoo10)

      7. Puku Izzy Foldable Baby Cot (Model No: P30112) (Puku on Lazada)

      8. Milano – Oxford 4 in 1 Convertible Cot (Model No: BD302) (Baby Kingdom on Qoo10)

Cots like Puku Izzy Foldable Baby Cot (Model No: P30112) and Premium Baby Bed Set (Model No: Hope HP 810M) broke easily when tested, and posed risk of injuries, according to the agency. 

Other safety issues that emerged:

  • Presence of raised surfaces or bumps in the cot, posing risk for fall if the baby climb on it and out of the cot;
  • Cot slats did not meet height requirements of 30 mm for adjustable cots and 60mm for non-adjustable cots, which pose a risk of falling if the child climbs out;
  • Presence of sharp edges on the cot poses risk of laceration if a child comes into contact;
  • Small parts were easily detachable (such as fasteners of the locking mechanism and foam from the mattress), which pose a risk of suffocation if swallowed.
Baby Product Recalls 2019

Seebaby Little Monster Stroller sold on the Cutebaby e-store on Qoo10, one of the Baby Product Recalls 2019 (Photo: Enterprise Singapore).

Strollers: Baby Product Recalls 2019

      9. Baby YOYA Baby Cabin Travel (Best Deal Home on Qoo10)

    10. Belecoo Compact (The Living Store on Qoo10)

    11. Seebaby Little Monster (Cutebaby on Qoo10)

As for strollers, it was found that one of the causes was the lack in restraint system and fasteners that were unable to secure a child in the seat.

Other highlighted concerns: 

  • Poor stability of stroller, causing it to tip over when parked on slopes;
  • The product was damaged or collapsed when tested for strength, which resulted in the impairment of safety features such as locking mechanism, restraint system, and parking/braking devices.

What Happens Next For Consumers?

These products have since been removed by suppliers of the respective e-commerce platforms, after notices were issued by Enterprise Singapore.

Likewise for consumers, Enterprise Singapore has urged consumers who might have bought these affected products to halt its use immediately. 

In the event consumers have bought any of these 11 products, the regulatory said that they may contact the sellers or the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for information, in hopes to remedy the situation. 

That side, apart from these 11 products, Enterprise Singapore also urge consumers who may have bought similar baby and children’s products to pay more attention to the above safety issues.

Additional Tips For Parents With Young Children

Especially with online purchases where it might be difficult to physically check the product, here are some tips from Enterprise Singapore for parents to look out for.

  1. Buy from official stores or reputable brands and sellers;
  2. Check with the sellers that the product has met relevant safety standards;
  3. Ensure an instruction manual is provided and warning labels included;
  4. Note and follow the age and weight recommendations;
  5. Check if a safety alert has been issued. Consumers in Singapore can visit or other international sites such as US Safer Products at

When it comes to shopping for the family, most of us can agree that online shopping is truly a godsend. The adrenaline rush we get from adding our desired items to the cart. It can be easy to get caught in the moment of shopping.

However, when it comes to our little one’s safety, we can never be too careful.

We hope this article has been informative for you and help you and your family make more suitable purchases. Meanwhile, if you are gearing up for 11.11, happy shopping, and don’t forget these tips!

All images and information are credited to Enterprise Singapore.

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