10 Sex Mistakes Hubbies Make in Bed

10 Sex Mistakes Hubbies Make in Bed

So you think you've got sex down! But what if you didn't know you were making common sex mistakes in bed that were preventing you from hitting a home run? Find out how to please your wife in bed without any setbacks!

How many of you (husbands) think that your role as a spouse only consists of being appreciative, patient and loving towards your wife? Wrong — you must also be able to satisfy and ‘wow’ her in bed. No matter how amazing you may think you are in bed, chances are, you’re committing some of these common sex mistakes without even knowing it. Don’t wait until your wife feels forced to point these common sex mistakes out to you, improve your A-game now!

1. Assuming you know everything

Sure, you know where to put it in, but you do know what your wife really wants? When you’re making love to her, make sure to go slow and don’t forget to ask her what she wants.

2. Going too fast or too slow

10 Sex Mistakes Hubbies Make in Bed

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Most women vary when it comes to their preference in the sex department. Your wife may want to go fast and hard some days, but she might also want to go slow and sensual other days. Carefully read her body language to determine what she wants.

3. Not enough foreplay

Most men don’t like to beat around the bush. When it comes to sex, unfortunately, the same rules apply there too. Before you hit a ‘homerun’, make sure that you kiss her for a few minutes, touch her all over and prolong foreplay for as long as possible. Do not be selfish.

4. Going to sleep after

10 Sex Mistakes Hubbies Make in Bed

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After sex, make it a habit to cuddle with your wife instead of just rolling over immediately and going to sleep. Put your arms around her and spoon her as you prepare to go to slumberland

5. Coming too soon

Unlike men, women need a lot of stimulation before achieving the ‘big O’. Don’t cut the sex session short by coming before your wife even has had a chance to enjoy the heat of the moment. Curb off your orgasm until you are sure that your wife is fully satisfied.

6. Taking too long

10 Sex Mistakes Hubbies Make in Bed

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Save the marathon sex for when your wife is in the mood. Most of the time, she just wants you to finish after she does. Taking too long to orgasm is not only painful for your wife but it is also tiring.

7. Skipping the oral sex

Your wife adores being on the receiving end when it comes to oral sex just as much, if not more, as you do. Don’t skip on the oral sex and your wife might end up being the happiest woman in town.

8. Not making eye contact

10 Sex Mistakes Hubbies Make in Bed

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Sometimes, it is best to ask your wife to look at you as you do the deed. Maintain eye contact as long as possible while holding each other to make the experience even more erotic and passionate.

9. Not being imaginative enough

Prevent boredom and spark excitement by having sex in other parts of the house and in different exciting positions too. Use aids like blindfolds, faux cuffs and sex toys for added pleasure.

10. Not conquering unfamiliar territory.

Do not ignore other parts of your wife’s body during sex. You’ll be surprised as to how much she likes to be touched in other places other than the obvious sex spots.

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